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(L-R) Racie Poindexter, Administrative Specialist for Industry Relations; Akili Moses Israel, Director of Industry Relations/Community Education; Amanda Lance, Director of Hempstead Hall and Workforce Development; Katherine Daniels, Technical Director for Hempstead Hall; John Gladden, Assistant Director of Hempstead Hall. photo by Matt Cornelius
Hempstead Hall is a 65,000 square-foot event venue and conference center that can be arranged to accommodate all types of events. In addition, the schools of Southwest Arkansas benefit from Hempstead Hall because it offers a secondary location for many kindergarten through twelfth grade events.

What Ifs? and What’s Next?

You hear the word through idle, blubbered small talk. You see the word on a flyer, scotch-taped, outside a window somewhere every day. You engage in posts about the word, maybe even share them. I am sure you have guessed the word I am referring to and are probably thinking the word right now—COVID-19. … The virus first rocked the United States in 2020. Since then, its tectonic plates have not stopped shifting, and society bares its tremors, trying to hang on, staying six feet apart, of course.

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