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Travel The World Without Leaving Texas

photo by Office of Senator John Cornyn
Summer is upon us, and many Texas families are taking advantage of the opportunity to get away. Well, not too far away. It’s hard for us Texas-lovers to venture too far outside our beloved state, but lucky for us, we can see the whole world without ever having to leave the greatest state in the nation. … If you’re looking for an Alpine adventure, there’s no need to hop a plane east to Europe. Rather, jump in the car and head to West Texas.

Tradition of Remembrance

The land of the free and the home of the brave—this final phrase from our national anthem so beautifully depicts why the United States is the greatest nation on Earth. America is the land of the free quite simply because it is the home of the brave. For centuries, courageous men and women have set aside—sacrificed—their own wants, needs, and desires and answered a call to defend the life and liberty of all Americans. Many made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives in defense of the freedoms that we so casually enjoy.

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