Water Therapy

The water therapy at Eternal Beauty Medical Aesthetics and Day Spa is unlike anything else available in our area. Every detail of your experience has been considered. This visit includes a 140-degree 20-minute infrared sauna experience used to promote the relaxation of sore muscles and joints, as well as to promote detoxification and phagocytosis of dormant zombie cells, enhance weight loss, and the promotion of collagen-building within the skin. These benefits continue for 2 hours after exiting the sauna. Enhance your experience by requesting a guided meditation. 

Next, you will enjoy the luxurious shower experience. This clean and spacious shower includes aromatherapy, waterfalls, steam, relaxation-enhancing lighting, and several other water functions. 

After your luxurious rinse, you will head to the large mineral whirlpool. This water is bromine and chlorine free to protect your skin and hair. Enjoy the relaxing 104-degree water with adjustable jets that improve circulation and relax achy muscles. 

Next, you will experience the sensory deprivation float chamber. This 98.8-degree water contains 1000 pounds of medical-grade magnesium sulfate. This high concentration of sodium induces effortless floatation. Floatation therapy is not just fun, it also provides many mental and physical benefits. Some of the mental benefits include the promotion of creativity and relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. A few of the many physical benefits include relief from migraines, muscle tension, and the release of disease-causing free radicals. Magnesium soaks also decrease the risk of cancer and autoimmune disorders. A seven-week study has shown that participants finished the program with significantly less depression, anxiety, pain, and stress. Sixty minutes in the chamber is equivalent to five hours of REM sleep. Enhance your experience by requesting a guided meditation.  

Further, enhance your day by scheduling our famous luxury day spa package that includes everything above, along with a one-hour therapeutic massage and a one-hour platinum facial. Couples and parties of five may also be accommodated. Schedule your experience TODAY!


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