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Adventure in the Crosshairs

photo by Matt Cornelius
Mist drains over the mountains and dissipates into the chiseled valley’s belly. At its peaks, clouds are reborn again and again—a contagion of wispy foam. The vapors bind to the chill under the sun and fill the space left between heaven and earth. Among the stillness in the air, flocks of sheep faintly bleat. … Longtime local Kendal Howe works as the payroll services coordinator for Texas A&M-Texarkana but cashed in some vacation days, traveling hundreds of miles north for a big Alaskan sheep hunt.

Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
I' m about to share an unpopular opinion. It is so unpopular that it will probably be almost offensive to some, so don’t hate me, but… even though I know Thanksgiving should be a holiday for all, I honestly wish Whataburger was open on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, I mean this wholeheartedly. Don’t get me wrong, ham and turkey are GREAT, but would it really be so bad to throw a honey butter chicken biscuit on the side? And you can never go wrong with some fries!

TXK Book Club—Talking to Strangers

There seems to be a constant buzz in the air at the end of each year that gives us cause to reflect. When I looked back over 2020, I proudly realized I had become an avid reader. I went from (maybe) one-three books per year to 61 books in 2020. Maybe it was the quarantine, maybe it was AirPods, but I had undoubtedly covered more content than I had in years. I followed a guide I found on Pinterest for the year that suggested a new theme each month, which helped me step way out of my comfort zone. Full disclosure...

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