Donnie Kelley

National Black Business Month Spotlight

Donnie Kelley

Elite Sports Training

Give a brief description of your business.

Elite Sports Training Program was designed to get the best out of the student-athlete to maximize their full athletic ability.

What is your company’s mission?

Elite’s mission is to give every kid an opportunity to get extra work and life lessons, and to give them premium training, at a price their parents don’t have to struggle to pay.

Why did you go into business for yourself?

I started Elite because personal training can be expensive; I wanted to give every student-athlete a chance to get some extra training regardless of their parent’s income.

What makes you stand apart from your competitors?

The thing that sets Elite apart from the rest is the family vibe. Elite is elite! The type of workouts the student-athletes do, can’t be duplicated.

What are your future goals for your business?

The future goals I have for Elite are simply for it to continue to grow. 

National Black Business Month, celebrated in August, brings awareness to the important contributions of black-owned businesses. According to, “Black-owned businesses in the United States increased 34.5% between 2007 and 2012, totaling 2.6 million,” and “employed 975,052 people,” with “payrolls that totaled $27.7 billion.” Texarkana is no exception to that growth trend. “The Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce has seen some outstanding businesses become members of our organization, looking to network and grow.” said Executive Director, Mike Malone.

Texarkana Monthly is highlighting some of the incredible black-owned businesses in the community to encourage your support of these locally owned establishments. Shopping local is important every month of the year, as it nurtures job creation and keeps the local economy healthy. The black-owned businesses of Texarkana provide quality goods and services from trusted friends and neighbors. Support them, not just in August during National Black Business Month, but all year long!

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