You Are My Sunshine

photo by Matt Cornelius
photo by Matt Cornelius

You Are My Sunshine

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one in five American adults will have a skin cancer diagnosis by the time they reach the age of 70. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is a major factor in the development of skin cancer. Repeated exposure can also lead to wrinkles, discoloration or noticeable spots. Yet, we all still want that healthy, golden bronze skin. Not only do we crave that glow, but a tan can make stretch marks, spider veins, scars and cellulite less obvious. We want to feel more youthful and attractive, and let’s face it, in the 100% humidity, heat-filled days of Texas and southwest Arkansas summers, long pants and turtlenecks are just not an option! If you feel the same way and are raising your hand high to all the above, Brittney Quinn, owner of Salubrious Sun—Texarkana Airbrush Tanning & Products, is your girl!

Brittney is a Texarkana native. She has been married to her husband, Derrick Quinn, for 14 years and they have two beautiful children, Brady (14) and Demi (11). Inspired by her grandmother, who was a drug and alcohol counselor, coupled with her own strong desire to help others, Brittney began college intending to become a counselor as well. After some time, she decided it was not a good fit for her. She did, however, still have an intense and driving desire to help people and knew whatever she did, she “wanted to make people feel better about themselves.”

In 2012, Brittney found herself wrapped up in the hopping busy life of being the mother of two. One thing she always loved was having a tan, but she realized quickly that she had no time to lie out or even run to the tanning salon. She also became much more health conscious and began searching for alternatives that would not be damaging to her skin. She came across spray tanning and decided it was the perfect route for her. In her true “go-getter” fashion, she opened a mobile spray tanning service. This would be a luxury service for busy working women or stay-at-home moms who would allow her to come into their homes or offices, wherever they are most comfortable, set up a spray tan tent, and conveniently and privately provide them with an instant golden glow with none of that dreaded and dangerous sun exposure. As an entrepreneur, Brittney bravely stepped out into the sometimes-scary world of business ownership. She has shown a natural flare for building something from the ground up and has found the truth of “being your own boss” isn’t exactly what she expected. “When you own your own business,” she said, “you actually have a ton of bosses (your clients) who tell you when you’re working, and eventually they become really good friends!”

photo by Matt Cornelius

Over time, Brittney’s passion grew as she began building genuine relationships with her clients. “It didn’t take long to notice that I really enjoyed it and wanted to keep pushing forward,” she said. The rapport between a client and technician is important. There is an intimacy and vulnerability that can accompany an appointment, but even the most modest of clients will step out of his/her comfort zone for the healthy glow of a spray tan, and Brittney has a knack for putting everyone at ease. “Because it can be very vulnerable for a client, this is where those counseling classes really help! I talk to them and try to get their focus on other things rather than what is going on. Most of the time, people will start the tan off a little nervous, but by the time I am drying them, we are talking about the latest Handmaid’s Tale episode or sharing laughs.” Brittney’s technique certainly works! Client Morgan Cowling shared, “I’ve tanned with Brittney since the beginning days of Salubrious Sun and wouldn’t trust anyone else to tan my fair skin. She’s so knowledgeable in her industry. She makes sure that I know exactly what to do before and after my tan so that I get the most out of each session. Brittney always makes me feel right at home! She’s definitely one of a kind.”

When COVID-19 reared its ugly head in 2020, Brittney was heartbroken watching her clients miss proms and graduations, or even having to postpone their wedding dates. “Naturally I panicked,” she recalled. “I decided I had to make the best of it.” She spent more time with her family, worked on herself and spent a lot of time with God. “I had a chance to really sit back and take a good look at what I wanted,” she continued. “I always wanted my own sunless tanning brand.” With the world changing, she knew it was time to make it happen. “It’s amazing what happens when your faith gets stronger, and you actually take chances.” With courage and tenacity, along with years of experience in the self-tanning industry, listening to her clients’ wants and needs and likes and dislikes about products they had previously used, Brittney formulated her own self-tanning mousse, Salubrious Sun. Salubrious means “favorable to or promoting health or well-being.” Salubrious Sun is a vegan-approved, argan oil, vitamin E infused tanner that comes with a color guide, smells good, is streak free and a professional grade which can be used for both face and body. It has no orange, is not sticky, is lightweight and has a 12-month shelf life. Brittney has found a way, even through this challenging time, to keep her customers smiling. Jamye DeHaan shared, “Brittney has a special talent in getting the color of your tan just right for your skin tone. If you follow her instructions, you will love your tan! She is reliable, consistent, accommodating and very thorough.”

Brittney is blessed with a very supportive family. She laughingly shared, “My son’s interest in my business is really cute. He likes to ask me how many bottles of self-tanner or spray tans I have sold in the past week or how many views I have had on my Shopify site. It makes my heart smile.” While enjoying success and fulfillment in her growing business, Brittney would like to “be able to let go a little more and hire people to help with the extras that come with running your own business.” This would also benefit her personal goals of spending time with her kids more and cooking more for her family. “I’m a one woman show,” she adds, “and at times it can get a little crazy.”

Brittney’s desire to help others, tenacity and flexibility through challenging times, and her determination to make her dreams come true have truly led her to a happy place both in business and her personal life. Brittney’s wise grandmother always told her, “You can pray and pray for something, but you need to show God you’re trying and put one foot in front of the other.” With God as her guide, her family holding one hand and her clients holding the other, Brittney continues to spray her way to success!

Brittney Quinn, owner of Salubrious Sun, has created her own self tanning mousse. photo by Matt Cornelius


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