The Gift of Gab

PHOTO BY Molly Kendrick
PHOTO BY Molly Kendrick

The Gift of Gab

I grew up in a large family, and my favorite time was Sunday dinner after church, sitting around the table eating fried chicken and talking. Everyone discussed the previous week’s events and spoke about their plans for the following week. In those talks around the table, I learned so much about my family; the areas where they were struggling, where they were succeeding, what their hopes were for the future and their plans for making those dreams come true. It was precious time.

It is as true now as it was then; the table sets the stage for some of the most meaningful conversations. With that in mind, do not miss the opportunity to tune in to Table Talk, Texarkana’s hottest local talk show! It is a 30-minute program, with friends Libby White and Bobbie Nell Ross, sitting around the table drinking coffee with their guests, discussing life and what’s happening in Texarkana. Both women love people and have the gift of gab. Their goal with the show is to create a family atmosphere with an enjoyable environment to get their guests talking and listeners engaged. They are accomplishing that with every new episode.

The chemistry on set creates an atmosphere similar to that of The Regis and Kathy Lee Show, with wholesome entertainment. For Libby and Bobbie Nell, it is an avenue to invest in our community while attempting to minister into people’s lives. That is their primary goal, and their challenge is to keep the show warm, genuine and real.

The women met at church and have families with young children. They are involved in their church’s media and children’s programs. When Don Walker, an employee of KLFI, and a lifelong friend, suggested they host a talk show, they were quickly on board! Even though they had media knowledge and experience, they had never imagined doing a television show. As the dream became a more solid reality, they recruited their husbands to join them in their new venture. They have been very supportive, and Libby’s husband even built the set for the show. It really has become a family affair, but with so much of their routine being devoted to the raising of their small children, they have thoroughly enjoyed these weekly adult conversations with the incredible people of Texarkana.

The show’s producer, Maggie Bunch, may be behind the scenes, but it is she who researches and books the intriguing guests that continue to keep the show fresh and interesting. She also prepares each script before the show’s taping at the KLFI studios on Beech Street. Each show is a true collaboration of these three talented ladies.

Table Talk producer Maggie Bunch with Libby White and Bobbie Nell Ross

photo by Molly Kendrick

The KLFI television station was the brainchild of former Governor Mike Huckabee. He hosted a similar show in the ‘80s called Heart to Heart. He eventually moved on to other endeavors, including a successful political career. He currently hosts The Huckabee Show, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and seen weekly on CBN. Wes Crenshaw of Blue Line Technology, a Dallas company, now owns the station, and it is operated under the watchful eyes of Maggie Bunch and Don Walker.

The first episode of Table Talk aired in early 2020, and taping is done on Fridays. New shows are released on Tuesday evenings between 5:00 and 7:00 pm, and back episodes are available on KLFI at 4:30 each weekday. All previously aired shows are also available anytime on the Table Talk Facebook page, (@Table Talk-TXK), KLFI-TV YouTube, and there is even a KLFI-TV app available for download on your mobile device. The pandemic has changed life for all of us, but a few Table Talk adventures have gone on location at local Texarkana businesses. The show plans to expand their horizons and do more on location spots when possible. They have even tossed around the idea of some live taping experiences, but admitted it would be a little scary not to have the safety net of editing. However, Libby and Bobbie Nell are up for it and love the idea of tackling new challenges.

For the second season of Table Talk, the ladies have implemented a five-minute segment on faith, which is becoming a host and fan favorite. They spend the last five minutes of each show sharing personal testimonies, favorite scriptures, and how they have been inspired by them. It is just one more opportunity for them to minister and bring hope to their viewers.

One goal of the Table Talk team is to grow their audience so more people can be positively impacted by their guests and the things these two impressive women personally bring to the table. The ultimate goal is to be a heartwarming, informative and fun voice in the community. They want to share a positive message with their audience and use their platform to minister to viewers. Great things are in store for the future of Table Talk. Tune in so you don’t miss it! 


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