The Texarkana 100 Year Hall of Fame

Businesses and organizations founded at the beginning of the twentieth century that remain strong today epitomize resilience. Withstanding monumental events, including a world war, The Great Depression, the attacks of 9/11, a global pandemic, and more, these century-old establishments have navigated periods of economic prosperity and downturn, strategized around new competitors entering the scene, and triumphed over older competitors seeking an edge. They are a testament to their founder’s power of vision and the unwavering dedication of a long line of loyal employees. For over a century, these Texarkana establishments have not only witnessed history but have also shaped it. Congratulations to these hometown businesses and organizations that have reached an extraordinary milestone, 100+ years of remarkable achievements and enduring commitment to our community.

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Pharma Nobis, LLC
Established 1872
Celebrating 152 Years

Although Pharma Nobis, LLC is a new entity (formed in 2022), its roots go back to 1872, as Hutchison Medicine Company, founded by J. C. (John) Hutchison in Linden, Texas. Hutchison traveled through East Texas in a covered wagon selling Big Head Liniment, oils and salves that were remedies for “helping people feel better.” While working in the drug business in Queen City, J.C. developed a healing preparation known as Hutchison’s Magic Oil. The demand for Magic Oil grew so quickly that Mr. Hutchison gave up his drug business and focused his business on manufacturing and selling it.

In 1908, Hutchison Medicine Company moved from Queen City to Texarkana, Texas, where it was run by John and his two sons, Raymond and Edwin. In 1947, following the death of John Hutchison, the company was sold to Pearson Walsh, a local wholesale druggist, and to Otto Witzansky, a local retail druggist. This was a major change, identifying Hutchison Medicine Company as a manufacturer and distributor of first-aid products, maintaining the goal to “help people feel better.” Products were initially distributed to major drug wholesalers throughout the United States. Five years later, Walsh became the sole owner and renamed the company Humco.

In 2018, Humco was acquired by Fagron, Inc., a company focused on specialty pharma services. In 2022, Pharma Nobis was created to purchase the Texarkana facility and all its products and services. Today, Pharma Nobis manufactures well over 150 products, including pharmaceutical topical and transdermal creams, syrups, oral suspension vehicles, and additional pharmaceutical compounding agents. The company continuously strives to create new value-added products that will help meet unmet patient and pharmacist needs around the world.

Texarkana Gazette
Established 1875
Celebrating 149 Years

Originally named the Texarkana Daily News, the Texarkana Gazette emerged from a merger with a fellow newspaper. It was acquired by C.E. Palmer following a stay over in Texarkana during Palmer’s honeymoon in the early 20th century. This marked the beginning of its enduring legacy. Owned by Palmer’s descendants across multiple generations, the publication has sustained a longstanding tradition in journalism.

Offenhauser & Co.
Established 1882
Celebrating 142 Years

In 1882, with business savvy and handsome handwriting, Fred Offenhauser and partner Kelsey founded an insurance agency in the heart of downtown Texarkana to become Offenhauser & Co. Offenhauser likely insured the first automobile in Texarkana and later pioneered a risk management pool for utilities throughout the central United States. Beyond offering exceptional insurance for homes, automobiles, and businesses, Offenhauser had vital roles in the community’s development. The agency was instrumental in founding the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce (1905), contributing to the establishment of Red River Army Depot and Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant (1939), launching Wadley Hospital (1958), initiating the first K-16 STEM programs in the United States, and supporting the development of the new university campus for Texas A&M University-Texarkana (2006). The commitment of Offenhauser’s leadership is further evidenced by eight partners receiving the C.E. Palmer Award for lifetime civic contributions. While the firm has expanded, with offices in five cities and e-mail, websites, and social media replacing Mr. Offenhauser’s handwriting, their focus remains on Texarkana, your family, and business.

Grand Storage Solutions
Established 1882
Celebrating 142 Years

The original business was incorporated in 1882 as the Hunter Transfer & Storage Co. in a warehouse near Union Station. Beginning as a humble railroad storage business their services grew to include cross dock facilities in addition to expanding into trucking and moving services. Under the leadership of the Trigg Family, they continued to expand and built a massive 30,000 square foot multilevel warehouse in 1926 at the corner of Broad and Elm Streets. Legend has it that some of Texarkana’s first Model T Fords were stored on the third floor. In 2000, the company was purchased by the Sandefur Family and renamed Grand Storage Solutions when it transitioned yet again to offer solutions to businesses needing to retain records for seven years. Today, they focus on all services associated with storage and certified destruction of office documents. The company now delivers old fashioned service in a modern world.

Established 1898
Celebrating 125 Years

Founded in 1898 as Ralph Brothers Laundry, the Abernathy Company originated in Texarkana to serve the community and surrounding areas. Embodying a spirit of innovation that would define the company, the original owners began producing their own detergent to cut costs. The high quality of these products soon attracted wider attention, leading to requests for purchase and sparking the birth of a manufacturing enterprise.

In the 1970s, the company, then known as RB Chemical, expanded its range to include industrial cleaning products, towels, tissues, janitorial supplies, and contract cleaning services. This diversification marked a significant evolution from its laundry roots. By the early 1990s, it had transformed into the Abernathy Company, the name it carries today.

The current incarnation of Abernathy Company has evolved into a multifaceted conglomerate. It serves a vast array of businesses and institutions both domestically and internationally, encompassing manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics, and warehousing sectors. This growth and success are attributed to the company’s unwavering commitment to customer responsiveness, timely delivery, consistent quality, and an enduring adherence to values of heritage, integrity, and service.

Bodcaw Bank
Established 1903
Celebrating 121 Years

Bodcaw Bank, a cornerstone of Stamps, Arkansas, and one of its oldest businesses, opened its doors in 1903, aligning with the boom of a thriving mill town that included Bodcaw Lumber Company. At the time, this sawmill was one of the largest sawmills for yellow pine in the world. However, the landscape changed dramatically post-World War I, with the depletion of South Arkansas’ virgin forests and the subsequent closure of the mills.

In 1975, marking a significant milestone, Bodcaw Bank moved into a new, larger building adjacent to its original location. Continuing its legacy, the bank remains deeply rooted in the communities it serves. It takes pride in its local ownership and management, emphasizing a commitment to community-oriented banking practices.

Texarkana Chamber of Commerce
Established 1905
Celebrating 119 Years

Since its inception in 1905, The Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce has been a partnership of businesses, organizations, and professionals working together to build a robust economy and enhance the community’s quality of life. Initially formed as the Texarkana Board of Trade by a small group of businessmen, it aimed to spur economic growth and prosperity in Texarkana. Early influencers mentioned in the minutes of the Board included William Buchanan, Fred Offenhauser, W. R. Grim, E. W. Frost, and Louis Heilbron, who each played pivotal roles in shaping its direction. In 1912, the Texarkana Board of Trade gained notable recognition by becoming one of the first 100 Charter Members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, joining other pioneering cities like Houston, Texas, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas. As time passed, it became clear the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce was more than just two communities. It is a regional hub for commercial, medical, and educational opportunities for two states and multiple counties. It soon moved to a marketing position, defining its name as Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce to reflect its broader purpose and scope of activities. Today, the Chamber continues to act as a unifying force, seamlessly integrating two states into a single, cohesive community. It remains committed to being a central conduit for shared progress, embodying a singular vision and message for the region it serves.

Farmers Bank & Trust
Established 1906
Celebrating 118 Years

In 1906, T.S. Grayson and Robert Warnock, Sr. had the vision to establish a community-focused bank in the heart of Magnolia, Arkansas, with the very simple goal of helping their friends and neighbors find financial solutions for a lifetime. Out of that vision, Farmers Bank & Trust Company was chartered. Over a century later, the bank has flourished, spanning five generations and over $2.8 billion in assets. Its reach has extended into communities across Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. The vision may have grown, but that simple goal remains the’s the heart of who we are and how we serve.

Logan Electric
Established 1909
Celebrating 114 Years

Logan Electric commenced operations on November 11, 1909, under the visionary leadership of George H. Logan, situated at 202 East Broad Street. Relocating in 1940 to 208 East Broad Street, Logan Electric has been in business for over 114 years on the same block in Texarkana, Arkansas. In the 1950s, Ed Felps joined the team under Logan, eventually acquiring the business with Dick Waddell in 1960, marking Logan’s well-deserved retirement. Since 1974, Logan Electric has blossomed into a family enterprise, with Rusty Felps leading the charge. The familial bond strengthened as Rusty’s wife, Sharon, joined in 2002, followed by their son Scott in 2012, ensuring Logan Electric’s enduring commitment to excellence for generations to come.

Richardson Hill Funeral Home
Established 1901
Celebrating 123 Years

In 1901, Alex Richardson established Richardson Funeral Home, marking the first funeral home in Texarkana dedicated to the African American community. Following Alex Richardson’s passing, his daughter, Emma Richardson Jones, continued the business. Her three sons, Elbert T. Jones, John E. Jones, and Roland F. Jones, and her husband, Theron Jones, continued to uphold the family legacy in the funeral business.

Substantial changes came in April 2001 when Patrick Hill bought and renamed the funeral home Richardson Hill Funeral Home. The company is still engaged in various pioneering efforts. Although they have been through many changes, they still strive for perfection to ensure the realization of their new motto, “We are all about service.”

Texarkana Country Club
Established 1914
Celebrating 109 Years

In 1913, Texarkana was a bustling hub of growth and prosperity, serving as a pivotal center for commerce across the four states area for railroading, agriculture, business, and timber. The city’s fortune was further enhanced by a group of affluent businessmen united in their vision to establish a country club that would rival the finest in the South. They pictured it as a marvelous tool to showcase to visitors and potential commercial interests that were considering locating in Texarkana. On December 19, 1913, this vision took a significant step forward with the election of the first Board of Governors, headed by T.L.L. Temple as president. Texarkana Country Club was inaugurated in 1914, featuring a modest nine-hole course with sand greens. Recognizing the need for a more distinguished and challenging golf course, the club’s membership in 1922 selected the renowned architectural firm of Langford and Moreau from Chicago to design what would become the club’s current esteemed course. This strategic move not only enhanced the club’s prestige, but also solidified its status as a local landmark in the region, reflecting Texarkana’s growing significance and affluence.

United Way of Greater Texarkana
Established 1924
Celebrating 100 Years

United Way of Greater Texarkana has been around since 1924; however, known then as the Texarkana Community Chest. The goal was simple: use a single campaign to benefit multiple agencies. "In the past 100 years, United Way of Greater Texarkana has put back $50 million into this community,” said Danny Gray, past Campaign Chair in 2011. As Texarkana grew, so did the needs in our community. United Way of Greater Texarkana initially partnered with Caddo Area Boy Scouts and The Salvation Army to support programs that would positively impact the Greater Texarkana area. Currently, the United Way collaborates with area nonprofits, local government, and schools to effect positive change in our community. This has been their mission for the last 100 years. They are still dedicated to improving lives in the Greater Texarkana area and support 30+ which focus on Health, Education, and/or Financial Stability. UWGT President/CEO Mark Bledsoe says, "We are still proudly serving Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas and looking forward to the next 100 years!"


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