Taylor Jackson

photo courtesy of US Naval Academy
photo courtesy of US Naval Academy

After graduating from Texas High School in 2014, Texarkana native Taylor Jackson received a scholarship to play football at the United States Naval Academy. Over the next four years, he earned his BS in Political Science and played in 35 football games for the Navy team. After graduation Jackson was chosen to be a Surface Warfare Officer on the USS Laboon, stationed in Norfolk, Virginia and successfully completed one deployment from December 2020 to July 2021. He will now answer the call to be the Navigator on the USS Chung-Hoon, stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Texarkana is so proud to claim Taylor Jackson as part of our community and we are grateful for his service and for that of all military members around the globe who are keeping us safe and free.

What is your favorite Texarkana memory?

I was a big shoe collector (and still am) and we would wake up super early to wait for the new Air Jordans to drop on Saturday mornings.

Where was your favorite place to eat in Texarkana?

It was TLC Burgers & Fries with my mother and aunt every Saturday.

What was the teen hangout when you lived here?

We used to always go to Sonic on Richmond Road. #ClubSonic every weekend trying to figure out where we were going that night.

Where was your favorite place to shop in Texarkana?

Champs was always the place to get some shoes for the school year. My high school best friend used to work there, so he would always hook me up.

Were you a Hawk, Leopard, Razorback, or Tiger?

I was a Texas High Tiger. The best part about any rivalry was that the Tigers were always coming out on top.

How do you describe Texarkana to your friends?

LOYAL. My friends from Texarkana and I still talk to this day. Big shout out to Miles Coleman. He is someone who has been there for me, no matter the circumstance.

Who is someone from Texarkana who impacted your life?

Coach Jacob Skinner was a player’s coach and not too much older than us when we played for him. He’s the type of guy I’ll follow any day!

What do you love about Texarkana?

It’s always home. I think that’s what’s so important. No matter how ready I was to go to college and live out my dreams, Texarkana will always be home.

What would you change about Texarkana?

More opportunity for young people to succeed. We are the future and I think steps are being taken in the right direction.

What do you think makes Texarkana famous?

The Town That Dreaded Sundown—I had people in college asking me about it all the time!

What is your nickname for Texarkana?

Tesskana, The Kana, TK.

What do you miss about Texarkana?

My family.

What words do you live by?

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Make all of them count.

Anything we haven’t asked about that you would like to share?

To all the young people that may read this, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Strive for that goal each and every day. Be Blessed!

TXK Roots is Texarkana Magazine’s forum to highlight and honor Texarkana natives who have accomplished big things in the world. These folks may have relocated, but they took the values, education, work ethic and creativity instilled in them by growing up in this unique border city and used these qualities to blaze extraordinary trails. We asked them to share their thoughts about growing up here. No matter how far from Texarkana they may find themselves, we will always consider them our neighbors and we are proud to claim them as forever members of our extended Texarkana community. After all, “everyone is famous in their hometown!”

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