2021 LEHS Senior Perspective

When thinking back on all the things I have accomplished over the past four years at Liberty Eylau High School, I am filled with a feeling of satisfaction. From maintaining a 4.0 GPA to advancing twice in UIL One-Act play, to having tried various activities to see where I truly fit in, I have very few regrets. Liberty-Eylau has been my school since I was in kindergarten, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have always been a very blessed person. I did not have to study much until my junior year, when things became very hectic for me. I have always excelled in math and science courses and, to add icing to the cake, I have had several phenomenal teachers to help me along my path. Mr. Ghimire, my math teacher throughout high school, is someone I will never stop quoting. I also will never forget Mrs. Goff, my chemistry teacher, who, despite how bad a day she might have had, would always have a smile on her face. It wasn’t just the math and science teachers though; I could name teachers from all subjects and talk about all the fond memories I have of them. These people have been the inspiration for me to keep pushing, and I am glad I did not take them for granted.

Focusing more on my senior year, I am both grateful and surprised it went as well as it did. With the challenges of COVID-19, all of us were just praying to make it through September. Little did we know back then that we would make it all the way to the end of the year with no major hiccups. I have always had so much respect for the Liberty-Eylau school district, but this year has shown me what the district is truly capable of. Along with the challenges that were already set in place, I took on five college courses. I was incredibly nervous that I might lose my GPA or my spot in the class ranks, but I pushed through and ended these classes with an A. This year was a tough one, but I am proud to say that I made it.

photo by Blessing Allison

When talking about my high school career, it is almost impossible not to mention the impact Theatre Arts has had on me. I started off high school in the band, but after one semester realized it was not something I was interested in being a part of anymore. That year, I had taken a normal theatre class to fill a spot on my schedule and had really enjoyed it. So, after I left the band, I decided I would get into the Technical Theatre class the next year. I regard this as one of the best decisions I have ever made. I quickly fell in love with theatre. I felt like I fit in somewhere. The people in the class were incredible inspirations to who I am today and the teacher, Mrs. Chambers, is like a second mother to me now. I had some extremely awesome accomplishments throughout my time in theatre. Liberty-Eylau had not advanced in UIL One-Act Play in many, many years. During my first year, we advanced with a play called Violet Sharp. I can still remember that night and the look of shock and excitement on everyone’s faces. The next year I played the main role in a play called The Book of Everything, and while we did not advance, I still made All-Star Cast that year, which is a selection of eight actors/actresses for an outstanding performance. This year we performed a play called Doubt. With this show we advanced, and I made All-Star Cast, which was just as shocking to everyone the second time. Theatre is a topic I could sit and reminisce about for hours, but overall, I would not have traded these experiences for the world.

photo by Blessing Allison

Since I had a love for theatre, I considered musical theatre for a few years, and my senior year I took the risk and joined choir. I was not sure how well I could sing, but to my surprise I caught on really quickly and had a really successful year in choir. I advanced twice at All-Region and almost made it to All-State. I also made a one on my solo and Solo and Ensemble, which is the highest rank. In the end, choir was an extremely good experience for my senior year.

Now that I have graduated high school, I plan to attend Louisiana Tech University and major in Biomedical Engineering and possibly participate in their theatre program. While I am a little sad to say goodbye to Liberty-Eylau, I could not be more excited to see what my future holds at college. If this is only the beginning, what comes next can only get better.


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