A REALTOR® Goes Home

photo by Tyrone Dodson with Dodson & Glover Photography
photo by Tyrone Dodson with Dodson & Glover Photography

A REALTOR® Goes Home

As soon as you enter Monica Kelley’s home, you can feel the intentional design and curated sense of belonging she has created. With a desire to be continuously evolving, she has set herself apart as a real estate professional with a keen eye for what makes a house a haven you want to come home to, day after day.

Throughout Kelley’s home are pieces that have inspired her and reflect her vibrant personality. “Design inspiration can come from various sources, such as nature, culture, history, and your personal experiences. My design inspiration comes from the modern world and brainstorming with Alicia Woodle,” said Kelley. With the belief that everyone’s home design can reflect individuality, she likes to marry personal mementos with soothing colors to create a space that rises to meet you after a long day and energizes your mind to take you to the next level.

To avoid rushing the design process, Kelley allows each room to transform in its own way and in its own time. “I knew in my gut this was my home when I first saw it appear on Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It is in the heart of my hometown and the heart of my life, central to where my mom, my boys, and their dad all live,” said Kelley. Starting with the living room, she has slowly begun transforming each room to match her vision of the personality of her home, sourcing pieces locally from Four States Furniture. Kelley desires to transform her home into a place of retreat where one can relax, recharge, and be surrounded by the things and people they love.

In the same way, she has systematically built her real estate career with a clear sense of what defines her as an innovator, designer, and real estate professional. “There is a difference between an agent and a professional. A professional is a person who takes it upon themselves to make sure they are ahead of the curve. They are forward-thinking and have ideas outside of the box to ensure homes are listed and sold,” said Kelley.

Kelley’s real estate career began during the pandemic, and she will quickly squash the idea of that being an unfavorable time to buy a home. “As a professional, you must always be aware of the next trend and new tactics. New designations (in real estate) are more than a piece of paper. It is education that can take you further,” said Kelley. In under three years, Kelley has seen her business take off in an upward trajectory, with this year trending in the same direction.

Kelley has always known she had a calling to real estate and feels that she settled into her work at just the right time. “My son told me once, ‘Mama, if you had started your career 16 years ago, you would not be as successful as you are because people did not know who you were.’” She has taken every opportunity to make an impression and a connection. Kelley is breaking new molds and shattering traditions to ensure her home and business are unlike any other.

HOMEOWNER—Monica D. Kelley

LOCATION—Leary, Texas


LOT SIZE—1.25 acre

DESIGNER—Alicia Woodle Designs

WALL COLOR—Repose Gray

Monica Kelley wants to acknowledge the local sources who helped make her house a home.

Yard and Landscaping—Fidel Romero

Interiors—Alicia Woodle Designs

Furniture Delivery—Deante Reid with D3 Activities

Power washing—Stevie Williams, Jr. Pressure Wash


Doors—The Design Center at Red River Lumber

Furniture—Four States Furniture and Ivan Smith Furniture


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