Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Dressing up as a family for Halloween is one of my favorite things to do. I am trying to fully enjoy it while my son is young and will go along with my ideas. I know he will prefer to choose his own costume in a few years. I am sharing five family Halloween costume ideas and where to get the items.

One of our favorite movies is The Greatest Showman. I knew we could easily replicate a similar look as Zenya and Hugh Jackman’s characters in the movie. We chose to have Turner be an animal from the circus. The coolest part of our 2020 family Halloween costume is that Zendaya actually shared our photo on Instagram which means millions of people saw it! I still cannot believe that. 

My husband wore a shirt, tie, and pants he already owned with this jacket and top hat.

This is the costume I wore paired with a pair of white boots that I already owned and this pink wig.

My son was an animal from the circus; you could choose from any that you like for this part! It is also perfect for multiple children to be the same or different animals. Here is a similar costume to what he wore.

Last year, we modeled costumes after Beauty and the Beast. My husband was Gaston, and we went more of the DIY route with his costume. He wore pants he already had and we took a red shirt and added the gold elements with felt. We completed the look with yellow gloves and a black belt. Here is a ready-made costume.

I was Belle and wore this costume.

My son was the Beast and wore this costume, and yet again he hated the headpiece.

This year we are doing Aladdin as a family. You could add the tiger, magic carpet, and genie for other costumes.

My husband will use pants he already has and pair them with this for the lead character’s costume.

I am dressing as Jasmine and wearing this costume.

My son will be Abu and is wearing brown long-john style pajamas and this hat.

A fun option that would be easy to do for a family with things you already own would be a coach, football player, referee, and cheerleader! Use your favorite team as your inspiration.

Here are some items you could grab if you need them for your costume...

Referee Costume


Football Player


Of course, I am already brainstorming costume ideas for my family for next year. I am leaning toward Space Jam as it has recently had renewed popularity with another movie coming out. I think it would be an easy and cute option.

Basketball Jerseys

I hope that however you decide to dress your family this Halloween, you will make sure to savor every memory! Take lots of photos (even if you have to bribe the kids with a little candy) and just enjoy seeing the holiday through their eyes. Happy Halloween, y’all! 


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