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“I thrive in the chaos.”

I jokingly say this to people amid packed schedules and the constant challenges that arise. A typical day for us is running a business, working full time, household chores and all the after-school activities our three kids enjoy. While we all seem to complain about the monotony of the everyday, if we are honest, we recognize that every day comes with a certain amount of uncertainty.

For example, something I seem to be frequently holding my breath about these days is paper. A nationwide paper shortage is a very real problem when you are in the magazine business. I would never have guessed this would become an actual issue. Now, the over-the-top gas prices are adding even more uncertainty to our day-to-day lives. As gas prices go up, so will the cost of everything else. It is something on the minds of most Americans.

Uncertainty is just part of life. Many people are facing much more significant challenges than a paper shortage right now. My heart can’t help but stir for the people of Ukraine who face a kind of uncertainty I cannot comprehend. Wives and children being forced to flee their homeland while leaving behind all the men in their family is unthinkable. As a daughter, wife and a boy momma, my heart aches for them.

In the last few years, we have faced a global pandemic, political turmoil, inflation, and the list goes on and on. But I believe that in the middle of uncertain times, there will inevitably be heroes waiting in the wings, ready and willing to step up.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Children are among the most vulnerable in our society. When they are abused, often at the hands of those who should love and protect them the most fiercely, they need someone to step in and fill their uncertainty with a strong, trusted presence. That’s what the Bikers Against Child Abuse who are featured in this month’s issue have determined to do. They are the heroes who come to the rescue.

In John 16:33, the Bible says, “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.” It just confirms what we all witness if we spend much time on this planet. But luckily, that is not the end of the scripture. It goes on to say, “But take heart because I have overcome the world.” You see, we can have hope because while we may be uncertain, God is not. Nothing comes as a surprise to Him, and He holds us in His hands.

So, can I take back what I said about thriving in the chaos? I really mean that I thrive when I turn my worries over to The One who is in control. Thanks be to God!

A great place to step away and get a much-needed break from all the chaos of life this month is the Four States Fair and Rodeo. You can catch the subject of this month’s cover story, Tanner Zarnetski, in the middle of the rodeo arena. He is another example of that hero spirit who, as a bullfighter, is willing to put himself between danger and others. Don’t miss him and all the other excitement of the rodeo, the delicious food and the guaranteed fun of the fair we have counted on for years.


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