Pets hold a special place in our hearts, becoming integral to our daily lives. While some people prefer either cats or dogs, others find room in their hearts for both. In our household, we’ve discovered that focusing our attention on one pet at a time suits us best, and currently, that’s a dog. Our oversized Bernadoodle, Palmer, makes our lives better with his presence. He stands out as the most affectionate yet challenging dog we’ve ever had because he struggles to make friends easily. His protective nature often leaves our neighbors wishing for our departure, as he vocally challenges anyone passing by our home, be it familiar faces or delivery drivers. His territorial barks meant to ward off perceived threats, have become a neighborhood soundtrack (for which I extend my heartfelt apologies to the Morriss and Folsom families and other nearby residents).

In a recent episode that further showcases Palmer’s playful yet troublesome side, a friend kindly drove my car back from a weekend trip, and to avoid anticipated disturbances, she left the keys at my front door. Before any of us could retrieve them, Palmer seized the keys as his new toy, leading to a frantic yet comical game of keep-away with my children. The aftermath showcased a key fob etched with bite marks, a lasting reminder of the incident. However, despite the mischief and challenges, Palmer embodies 70 pounds of pure love and chaos that we would not trade for the world.

Our beloved dog shapes our daily routine, similar to the impact horses had on the life of Marilyn “Cattle Kate” Jones, the focus of our cover story. The legendary tales of this former rodeo queen and experiences shared by those who know her made me want to meet this special lady. Marilyn seems to possess a unique spirit that, according to those who have spent time with her, you’d wish you could carry around in your front pocket.

In this month’s edition, we are not only sharing inspiring stories like Marilyn’s, but we are also gearing up for the extraordinary solar eclipse. This celestial event promises to be a highlight of our lifetime. The excitement I feel is palpable, and I know I am not alone in my anticipation! The memory of witnessing the partial eclipse in 2017 with my then five and six-year-old, clad in astronaut pajamas and tuned into the NASA channel, still brings me joy. That experience makes the anticipation of the upcoming totality even more exciting with my now 12 and 13-year-old. They grow up fast.

As always, we strive to fill each issue with stories, columns, and information that captivate and enrich, ensuring there is something enjoyable for everyone to discover. Don’t miss out on any of this month’s incredible content. Let’s get outside and enjoy the fair, experience the eclipse, take your dog for a walk, and make the most of this always-gone-too-soon springtime weather.


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