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photo by Matt Cornelius
photo by Matt Cornelius

We may not be on a first name basis with all of them, but our United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and UPS workers know a lot about our personal lives. They know where we live and what is coming in and going out of our mailboxes.”

Delivery people bring my groceries every week, my rented clothes, and the bills that need to be paid to keep my family functioning. These people are an integral part of my daily life.

For Texarkana Magazine, our local USPS workers are the unseen angels who may not show up on our contributor’s page, but whose contribution is invaluable.

Tonya (left) and Missy (right) pictured with me here are the two ladies I count on every month to ensure 6,800 magazines arrive safely and on time in local mailboxes. Not only do they do an incredible job of getting them out quickly, they also save any extras for me to come pick up and redistribute on stands. Tonya and Missy understand we are a small business and want to make sure none of our product goes to waste.

They have helped countless times. When we started printing Texarkana Magazine, we needed to gain experience with how the mailing process worked. They were very accommodating. When magazines showed up later than expected, they still got them in mailboxes by the first of the month. The USPS is a huge part of Texarkana Magazine’s monthly operation!

So, this season, while you are doing your online Christmas shopping and begin adding items to your cart, remember there is an entire operation of people working long hours, going above and beyond, to deliver Christmas to your door. Let them know you appreciate them. And while online shopping is convenient, remember to get out there and support our local businesses as well. In this month’s issue, you will find holiday outfit ideas you can purchase right here in Texarkana. Don’t forget all the restaurants, spas, and other retailers where you can purchase gift cards for anyone on your list. By shopping local, you are giving a gift to the community.

2022 has been a wonderful year for our city. Check out the “Year in Review” and reflect on community progress and the achievements of so many exceptional residents. Also, don’t miss “Talk Tuesday Top Ten” for the best of 2022’s weekly digital stories told by local writers. If you are not receiving Talk Tuesday each week, visit and sign up to have it emailed straight to your inbox. In December, emails will feature our Giving Guide so you can discover ways to support local nonprofits. Texarkana is a giving community, and we want to help connect you to those in need.

I am fortunate to live in a community full of “Tonyas and Missys.” Friends and neighbors just like them make Texarkana an unbeatable community. The best place to work… the best place to do business… the best place to live!

Merry Christmas!


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