Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter

Running a small, locally-owned business is truly a family affair. And when I say family, I am not just talking about my own family. Often that includes the families of my staff and sometimes even innocent bystanders who agree to pitch in. Our job descriptions and job titles are more like maybes, possibilities, and guidelines. This month, that translated to all hands on deck to sweep the concrete at the airport before our photoshoot. Photoshop can do wonders, but it can’t clean up all the red dirt at a construction site. So, with our vision for the cover in mind, my amazing team picked up brooms and got to work. Alana, even called in her husband, who sent over some of his employees with more brooms and a blower to lighten the load. None of this was in their job description, but they all gladly jumped in to do what was needed.

That is the magic of working in a small business—everyone is ready to do whatever it takes. You might not find that same spirit in corporate America, but you sure do in Texarkana. I consider myself lucky to have such a dedicated team that goes the extra mile to make our magazine the best it can be every month for our readers and advertisers.

This month’s issue features a special promotional section highlighting locally owned businesses. These businesses are the heartbeat of our community, supporting everything from tee-ball teams to local events. Our cover showcases the stunning new airport terminal that just opened. Y’all, this terminal is next-level! The attention to detail is amazing, truly reflecting our area’s charm. It is a fantastic welcome and farewell point for visitors and locals alike. So, when planning your next vacation, getaway, or work trip, fly TXK. Its potential impact on our local economy will be huge, thanks to the hard work of many.

We love what we do and appreciate every advertiser, reader, and staff member, and all the others who contribute. There are so many moving parts, and completing the puzzle requires every important piece. Thank you for always supporting us. God bless Texarkana and God bless the USA!


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