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photo by Matt Cornelius
photo by Matt Cornelius

As we gear up for the dog days of summer, a popular saying often resurfaces in conversations and across social media platforms: “You only have eighteen summers with your child, so make them count.” This phrase reminds us time is a thief.

These eighteen summers offer us a unique window to celebrate life together free from the usual rush of the school year. It is our chance to really engage in whatever our kids love to do, enjoy just being there with them, and make memories full of adventure. Hopefully, we even get to squeeze in a family getaway or two.

The idea of an eighteen-year countdown to the end of parenthood is one I find too limiting. The connections we make with our kids, especially during their teenage years, are not constrained by a timetable. These relationships are built for a lifetime of meaningful dialogue, extending far beyond the moment they turn eighteen. My friend Kara may be able to give more insight, as she now has experienced three of her four sons surpassing the eighteen-year-old mark. However, I think she can vouch that life with adult children, though a bit more complicated, is definitely still as precious.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge the charm of these years while our teenagers are still at home. There is an undeniable energy and beauty in this fleeting time when family life feels full and close. I know I am trying to savor all I can with my boys while they are also evolving into young men with their own social calendars.

In this issue, we cover the outdoors, agriculture life, travel close to home, and more. This month, we are excited to unveil something groundbreaking (to us) for our cover, an AI-generated photo. At a recent industry conference, we learned how AI is revolutionizing the world of graphic design and inspiring many publications. This sparked an idea, and we decided to embrace this new knowledge. AI has served as a creative sidekick, generating fresh, exciting ideas, and it was super easy to do. We simply told the program to create an up-close image of an alligator while still portraying a bright and happy vibe… and you can see the results. Pretty crazy if you ask me! We are proud to present our very first AI-generated cover, and we hope it captivates you as much as it has us!

This summer, enjoy the present moments, cherish the daily interactions, and look forward to the future with anticipation and hope. Here’s to a June filled with warmth, laughter, and the making of lasting memories.


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