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photo by Brian Jones
photo by Brian Jones

Diving into the world of entrepreneurship and owning a business has been an extraordinary undertaking. Since launching my business in 2020, the lessons I have learned have surpassed all my expectations and my admiration for every business owner, large or small, has grown immensely.

Texarkana Magazine is a testament to the power of a family-run business. It is a place where everyone contributes. My husband and kids play an invaluable role, supporting my vision from behind the scenes and giving in countless other ways. I am also profoundly thankful for my dedicated staff and their families who, without obligation, willingly contribute to our success. They are rock stars, and it is a privilege to be surrounded by committed individuals who share my all-in dedication to our business.

Reflecting back to 2008, meeting Gary Kusin left a lasting impact on me. During our first encounter, his wisdom and insights were truly inspiring. He shared a personal story about a student council election he lost due to being outworked by his opponent. From that moment, he vowed never to be outworked again. This principle served him very well in life and resonated deeply with me. When I started the magazine, I was uncertain of the challenges ahead, but I was determined to work tirelessly. I grew up understanding the value of hard work, a lesson my dad instilled in me at an early age. Failure can happen, but if it does, it won’t be due to lack of effort.

I remember working hard to prepare for high school cheerleading tryouts as a teen. I wanted it so badly, and to me, I had put in the work and was prepared. Despite my preparation, I did not make the squad that year. Obviously, at fourteen years old, there was a temporary moment of complete heartbreak that all my friends had made it and I had not. But as devastated as I was, I took from that experience a determination not to quit. I would just get better and try again next time. I learned that humbling moments are good, and I still believe that today. They are not fun, but they can be necessary.

In this month’s issue, we celebrate remarkable companies that began modestly, and through dedication and persistence, have grown into nationally recognized businesses. We also pay tribute to Texarkana businesses that have been in operation for more than 100 years! That type of success is hard to fathom because it requires multiple generations continuing to persevere for a united purpose.

As always, we encourage everyone to shop and support local businesses as often as possible. We were fortunate enough to hook up with Hot Tails Crawfish, who dub themselves the local crawfish kingpins, to make our incredible cover happen. Be sure and check out their tasty review from our Taste Buds. We appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into each of Texarkana’s hometown businesses. Skip the online shopping cart and become familiar with the locals working tirelessly to provide for us here at home and beyond!


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