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photo by Matt Cornelius
photo by Matt Cornelius

When our days become overrun with memes, caffeine overloads, and the constant buzzing of our smart devices, there often comes an unexpected turning point for many of us to refocus. For me, it has not been the average mid-life crisis when you buy a flashy car or have the sudden urge to take interpretive dance classes (though, no judgment if that’s your jam). It’s been a slower, quieter, and maybe a little weirder, subtle pull toward... bird watching.

Yep. Bird watching, or ‘birding’ for those of us in the know. It might seem like an activity designed only for those who have run out of things to watch on Netflix, but let me tell you, it is not. I have plenty to do daily, and I still catch myself distracted by watching the hummingbirds. I was supposed to be heading to my treadmill, but watching the hummingbirds outside my kitchen window inspired me, derailing me to come write this editorial.

If you are not familiar or have yet to reach this point in your life, let me assure you it is a wild ride. Instead of swiping on my screen, I get mesmerized by all the different types of birds at my feeders. You can sometimes even catch me with binoculars, desperately trying to determine what type of bird I have spotted across my pond.

The simple truth? Bird watching is like life’s blooper reel. It’s full of unexpected laughs, a few mishaps, and moments that remind us not to take things too seriously. Because if you can find joy in staring at birds that, frankly, are just not that into you, you are doing something right.

I would say I enjoy all animals. Some only from afar, but anytime we get a chance to visit a ranch with animals, you will find me giddy, like the afternoon we spent at Buzbee Antioch Ranch with Frances and Tony Buzbee. It was a wonderful time spent with a lot more than just hummingbirds. Their beautiful ranch is a place of refuge for animals that others have cast out. They even have some llamas that were brought to them in a minivan! Did you hear me? A minivan… llamas! Thank goodness for the Buzbees, so those poor guys never have to ride in a minivan again.

Tony grew up in Cass County, just like I did. I remember his sweet mother working at my school when I was growing up. To see all his accomplishments coming from similar roots, shows how hard work and determination can pay off. Kids, take note of this.

We have so many great stories this month in Texarkana Magazine—a field trip to the Buzbee Ranch, visiting the Monster Mart in Fouke, Arkansas, learning about true crime podcasts, preparing for menopause, and so much more. We have had a blast putting this issue together.

Happy fall y’all!


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