TXK 411

photos by Matt Cornelius
photos by Matt Cornelius

Potted Planter


To encourage good drainage, use a rock or two to allow water to pass through the hole but not wash out the soil.

Don’t skimp on the soil. Good soil matters.

Read those plant tags while shopping. If they are planted together, they need to like the same light and watering cycle.

Feed your plants. Get a time release fertilizer. It makes your job easy! (Osmocote is my favorite).

Don’t forget to water! I like to water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s easy to remember. Adjust with extreme heat or rain.

Step by Step

  1. Choose bloom colors that are the same intensity. Different leaf shapes and textures add variety.
  2. Check for good drainage. Fill in with soil leaving room for the deepest plant.
  3. Start with the largest plant in the back or middle of the container. Plant in odd numbers—each different type in 1,3,5, etc., while scaling down in height. Pay attention to the maximum heights the plants will grow to avoid crowding and smothering.
  4. Fill in with soil, fertilizer, and water. Check soil again for settling.


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