Good Evening TXK September 2023

photo by Matt Cornelius
photo by Matt Cornelius

Good Evening TXK September 2023

A home away from home is a location where one does not reside but feels as comfortable as they would in their own abode. When you think of your home away from home, maybe you think of your grandparent’s house. Maybe you think of a rented vacation home on the beach, a timeshare, or a cabin near a lake.

My home is a safe place. It’s where I know without a shadow of a doubt I can completely be myself without regard for what others will think, knowing I will be unconditionally loved by those around me, no matter what I do. So, my home away from home would have to match that same feeling. I feel immensely blessed to have grown up in a wonderful homemade of tough love, prayer, encouragement, and fall-scented candles. I was surrounded by my mom, two younger brothers, and my grandparents, who lived across the street from us my entire adolescence.

When my friend Aubrey introduced me to Ali Deal in 2020, I had no idea I was walking into the place that would become my home away from home. It possessed every important thing on which my own home was built (with the exception of fall-scented candles because, according to Ali, Bath & Body Works candles cause cancer).

I’ve never had a longing to replace my own fabulous mother, but I find comfort in having a collective of adoptive moms. They are strong women who have willingly ushered me into their families and made me feel like I was a part of the fold from the very beginning.

I instantly fell in love with Ali Deal’s family: her husband Cody, who came over to my house to rescue me after an exhausting day at work when my car wouldn’t start; her daughter Rosemary who allows me to experience what it would be like having a crazy little sister; and her sons, John Morris and James, who validate more and more for me every time I see them, I was never meant to be involved in anything involving a football, basketball, or baseball.

Whether we’re curled up on the couch having deep four-hour conversations about God, quoting Real Housewives episodes, baking sugar-free cakes (that disgusts me because I’m a sugar addict), taking Rosemary (who was then a seven-year-old little girl) to Fat Jack’s (a landmark moment for her I’m sure), or making John Morris play Rihanna songs on the piano (because he can play literally anything you ask him to), I know I’m always in for a good time when I pull up to Ali’s house. It’s true even on those days when I’m unknowingly destined for that tough love I adore oh so much. Like the day, I innocently walked in on my lunch break and was informed by Ali it was time to move out of my mom’s house. She made me call THAT day. I did, and I loved every second in my first apartment, and it was all because of Ali. Real friends push you to be your best. They don’t say “yes and amen” to every single thing you say. They tell you what you need to hear.

As absolutely cringe and corny as this is going to sound, I do solemnly believe that friends ARE the family you choose. Yes, I threw up in my mouth writing that sentence, but the sappy sentiment still rings true.

Thank you, Ali, for creating a safe space for me. Thank you for listening to, hearing, teaching, and loving me unconditionally. I hope everyone can experience the warm embrace that comes from hours and hours of laughter shared with people who don’t share your DNA but whose presence will forever feel like home.


Every Tuesday in September
Karaoke with Jessi Dan
67 Landing
6:00 pm-9:00 pm

September 1
Stevie Ray and the Deacon
1923 Banana Club
8:00 pm

September 8
Split Decision
1923 Banana Club
8:00 pm

September 16
Eli Young Band
Perot Theatre
8:00 pm

September 24
CASA Songwriters on the Edge of Texas Concert featuring Stoney LaRue
Northridge Country Club
5:00 pm

September 23
70’s Prom Featuring Robert Saint John Band
Redbone Magic Brewing
7:00 pm

September 28
The Bellamy Brothers
Hempstead Hall
7:00 pm

September 28
Matt Maher & Jon Reddick
Trinity Baptist Church
7:00 pm

September 30
Braxton Keith
Titus County Fair
8:00 pm


Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in September
Gateway Farmer’s Market
602 East Jefferson Texarkana, AR
7:00 am-12:00 noon

September 8
Downtown Live!
The Gallery at 1894
6:00-9:00 pm

September 9
TRAHC Gala Unveiling
Texarkana Regional Arts & Humanities Council, Inc.

September 8 -17
78th Annual Four States Livestock Show
Four States Fairgrounds

September 16
28th Annual Ride to Remember
AR Welcome Center
Kickstands up at 2:40 pm

September 16
Friends for a Cause Kickball Tournament
Texarkana Recreational Center
7:30 am

September 17
Tough Kookie Foundation Cancer Support Group Meeting
Oak Street Church Family Life Center
4:00 pm-6:00 pm

September 20
Free Adult Yoga
Southwest Community Center and Park
5:30 pm-6:30 pm

September 27
Engaging Texarkana
Texarkana Convention Center
8:00 am-12:00 noon

September 29-30
Texas High School Class of 1988 High School Reunion

September 30
Comedy Night
1923 Banana Club

September 30
Walk to End Alzheimer’s Texarkana
Spring Lake Park
8:00 am

September 30
15th Annual Tapas and Wine
Collins Home

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