Bledsoe-Williams Wedding

Q. How did you meet?
Wren and I met through mutual friends when we were 15 years old. We grew up hanging out with similar friends, but our paths had not crossed before. We became friends during the summer after our freshman year of high school and started dating shortly thereafter. For most of our high school years, we went to different high schools across the state line. It made hanging out difficult, but somewhere between after-school practices, club meetings, and other extracurriculars, we found some time to spend together.

Q. What drew you to each other?
Wren is the most genuine, kind, and funny person. We really balance each other out. He is very “go with the flow,” whereas I have to have a plan for everything. He makes stressful seasons and situations not as hard on me. We make a good team, and we are so excited to see what the future holds together.

Q. Tell us about the proposal.
Growing up, my family had always blindfolded my sister and me to reveal big surprises. I remember jumping in the car with my family, and my sister tied a blindfold around my head. I actually thought I was getting a new car for a graduation present when they told me we had to run by Mimi’s house for something before dinner. Looking back, it makes me laugh because I was getting so irritated that my sister kept getting my hair tied up in the knot. I knew we were going over to my Mimi’s house, but I thought it was just to pick her up for dinner, and my car would be in the driveway, ha! When we parked, they led me out of the car and through her house. In the video, you can hear my mom saying things like, “I love that one,” and, “oh my gosh, she will love that,” trying to trick me into thinking I had gifts laying out around the house. My mom continued to lead me through the house and out the back door. She took the blindfold off, and there was Wren with a “will you marry me?” sign beside him. I immediately started crying and walked over to be with him. That day will always be one I hold so close to my heart. Having all of our family members there meant so much to us.

 Q. Tell us about your wedding party. Who was in it, and why?
My maid of honor was my little sister, Marlee Bledsoe. She is my built-in best friend, and I absolutely love her to death. I aspire to be more like my sister. She has the kindest heart and sees the best in everyone around her. My other bridesmaids were two of my lifelong best friends, Hailey Whitten and Caroline Cooper. Our families have been very close with each other growing up, and I have so many baby pictures with these two girls. We have been very close our entire lives. Next is my sweet sister-in-law, Raeleigh Williams, whom I have become extremely close to and is just as sweet as her brother. Next were my three college best friends, Mary Dean,  Anne Ryan Johnston, and Kat Kuchem. I met these three girls through our sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau. We all lived in the sorority house together and made so many fun memories together at UCA. My junior bridesmaid was Alice Orr. I have babysat Alice since I was in high school, and her sweet family means the world to me. One of the girls in my house party was Madeline Bixler, a lifelong family friend and daughter of our officiant, and sister to our flower girl. Endsley Stone was also in my house party, and she has been a mentor, confidant, and very close friend in my life for many years.  

Wren’s best man was his lifelong best friend, Austin Nix. Austin and Wren have been best friends for 11 years. Their friendship will always hold a special place in our hearts. Jonathan Stone is Wren’s cousin and also a mentor in his life. Jonathan will always be like a big brother to us; we are thankful for him and his precious family. Dylan Adcock, Matt Peyton, Austin and Tyler Lawrence have been lifelong friends to Wren and have so many memories from elementary school and on into college. These guys mean so much to each other. Hunter Hicks and Bryce Dodd are two of Wren’s closest college friends. They played college baseball together at The University of Central Arkansas and have shared some of the best times together. Logan Williams is Wren’s younger brother and has always been one of the biggest supporters in our relationship over the years. Next is Hunter Grimes, Wren's cousin. Even though they did not grow up in the same town, they have always been very close and supportive of one another. Shane Clenin was one of our ushers in our wedding. Wren met Shane through Austin Nix, and they instantly became friends.

Our wedding party means so much to us. These people have celebrated with us in our highs and supported us in our lows. Our wedding party consisted of lifelong best friends and college friends. We could have not asked for a better group of friends who truly love us and want the best for us.

Q. Were there any unique challenges when planning your wedding?
The planning process itself was fabulous, thanks to our amazing wedding coordinator, Erica Ramage. Erica played such a special part in our big day from going to meetings with me to just being there for me when I had a question or concern. My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer right before the engagement, so Erica’s support and encouragement meant more to me than she will ever know. She was so detail-oriented and thought of things I would have never considered. If there were any challenges, I truly did not know about them because she did such a great job taking care of everything.

Q.What was your favorite part of your wedding? 
Our day was so memorable because we had such a special group of friends and family there to celebrate with us. Looking back, I think taking the big group picture with everyone on the dance floor will be one of our favorite parts. That picture will always be so special to us because everyone who is in it holds a very special place in our hearts. We would not be the people we are today without the love and support of everyone in that picture.

Q. Were there any unique features of your wedding that made it different from traditional weddings?
We truly loved the entire day. Our bar cart, “Bubbles and Brews,” was absolutely fabulous. My father-in-law requested that there be a hot chocolate bar, and Cactus Cones went above and beyond our expectations. One of our favorite aspects from the wedding was our late-night snack from Whataburger, honey butter chicken biscuits. We incorporated our last name into the late-night snack with a “Whata Williams Wedding!” sticker on the front.  

Q. Did you go on a honeymoon? Where?
We are going on our honeymoon in March to the Bahamas.  

Q. What makes your love story special?
Wren and I have gone through life’s biggest moments together. From turning 16 and getting our driver’s licenses to cheering each other on at all of our high school sporting events, going to the senior prom together, and walking across the stage together as Arkansas High School graduates. We both went to the University of Central Arkansas together, made so many fun memories, and met great friends from all over the United States. College brought its challenges and stressors, but we stuck together through whatever life threw at us. We have been each other’s rocks through the highs and lows. Wren has been a constant in my life for eight years now, and it has been such a joy getting to grow up with him over the years.

Q. What about your life together are you most excited about?
We are excited about settling down in Conway, Arkansas. The community of Conway embraced us when we moved here for college in 2018. It seems like a great place to raise a family, which we are so excited to do a few years down the road.

Bride’s Parents: Mark and Keely Bledsoe
Groom’s Parents: Marty and Raegan Williams

Vendors used:
Wedding location: Four Fifteen Estates
Reception location: Four Fifteen Estates
Flowers: The Flower Room  
Decor: Dot's Rentals
Rentals: Dot's Rentals
Photographer: Stephanie Adcock Photography
Videographer: Film—Blue Box Studios, Editing—Mark and Matt Peyton
Catering: Chef on the Run (Jeff Loving)
Officiant: Rev. Bryan Bixler
Wedding Cakes: The Cake Ladies
Beverage Cart: Bubbles and Brews Dallas
Hot Chocolate Bar: Cactus Cones
Photo Booth: Smile on the Line
Dress:  Elizabeth Bride
Tuxes: GEB Men  
Hair: Cortney Boyd and Hope Taylor
Makeup: Cortney Boyd
Band/DJ: Wes Spicer
Fireworks: Epperson Fireworks
Coordinator: Bella Roo Events (Erica Ramage)


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