Douglas-Jones Wedding

Q. How did you meet? 
Kole and I knew of each other in high school, but we went to separate schools, so we didn’t see each other much. Over the years, we kept up with each other on social media. One night, I was celebrating my best friend’s birthday, and we ran into him eating dinner, so she invited him out with us, and the rest is history.

Q. What drew you to each other?
Lydia’s response: Kole’s humor is what drew me to him. The first night we hung out, I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire night. 
Kole’s response: Lydia’s beauty, love, and compassion are what initially drew me to her. 

Q. Tell us about the proposal.
Kole tried to plan a more detailed proposal, but it seemed like something was always getting in the way. In true Kole fashion, he couldn’t wait, so he called my friend and told her he was proposing that night and needed her help. He ended up proposing in downtown Conway, where we live. 

Q. Tell us about your wedding party. Who was in it?
Kennedi Baird, MOH
Annie Barrett, MOH
Reagan Fellers, Bridesmaid 
Alex Pond, Bridesmaid
Alyssa Worthington, Bridesmaid
Heather Wood, Bridesmaid
Nathan Chamblee, Best Man
Jonathon Haynes, Groomsman
Connor Landis, Groomsman
Jordan Lewis, Groomsman
Grant Barnett, Groomsman
Chance Harris, Groomsman
Ever Kelton, Glower Girl
Emmie Kelton, Flower Girl
Ellie Kelton, Glower Girl
Austin Haynes, Ring Bearer
William Blake Douglas, Usher
Jay Faulkner, Usher

Q. What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Lydia’s response: I had a few favorite parts of the wedding that were equally special. I was so appreciative of the love shown by our friends and family for coming and helping with wedding activities. Having them there to dance and have a good time at the reception was easily the most enjoyable night of my life. I also enjoyed the first look with Kole because I was so excited to show him my wedding dress and see him for the first time on the wedding day. 
Kole’s response: My favorite part of the wedding was the reception because it was finally time to relax and have fun. I really enjoyed our first dance even though I am not the best dancer. 

Q. Were there any unique challenges when planning your wedding?
We didn’t have any huge challenges. I think just planning a wedding in and of itself is stressful. I constantly worried about everything going right on the wedding day. Kole helped with a few of the decisions, but I think it was pretty stress-free for him. 

Q. Did you go on a honeymoon? Where?
We took a cruise to Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Belize.

Q. What makes your love story special?
In high school, we never took our chance, so I think it is special that years later our paths ended up crossing. I think it is crazy how timing matters so much!

Q. What about your life together are you most excited about?
Lydia’s response: I am most excited about making memories together. Kole is my best friend, so I love spending time with him traveling, going to concerts, or just hanging out at the house.
Kole’s response: I am excited to go through different stages of life together and continue to grow in our relationship.

Bride’s Parents: 
Gary and Darla Douglas (Father and Stepmother)
Michelle Douglas (Mother)
Groom’s Parents:
Wendy and Jake Kelton (Mother and Stepfather)
Jamie and Allison Jones (Father and Stepmother)

Wedding location—First Baptist Church
Reception location—Northridge Country Club
Flowers—H&N Floral
Rentals—Dots and Alpha Lit TXK
Photographer—Jayce Keil
Videographer—Eric Ethridge
Catering—Pam Elliott, Northridge Country Club
Dress—Low's Bridal
Hair—Kelli Harris
Makeup—Phe Michelle Instagram: @phemichelle_
Band/DJ—Wes Spicher


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