Extending a Hand of Faith and Friendship

Follow along for some words of encouragement, my friends. I call you all friends because it is my heart’s duty and ministry to do so. As Jesus said, “I call you friends, because I have told you everything I have heard from my Father” (John 15:15).

Today, we are facing so many changes and obstacles that everything seems hard. We stress out knowing we may not make it to the next paycheck or worrying about bills, children, lack of sleep, and health. My words to you today are to remind you it’s not you, and it’s probably not something you can control that is making you upset. Things are tough all around, and the minor problems seem so big. If you don’t understand your world and why it is so hard, you can find all your answers in that historical record of life, creation, and the reason for human existence, the Holy Bible.

Often, we feel our Creator is far away. When I feel like God is far away from me, I reflect on the scripture that reads, “and they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day…” (Gen. 3:8). Then I realize the extent of His closeness. Our human limitations cannot truly grasp the knowledge of how He can be so close to us all at all times.

God is a supernatural being. Often, when we hear the word supernatural, it reminds us of a ghost story or maybe even something evil. This is because movies and television have conditioned us to think this way. But supernatural is a great word to help explain God’s presence. Extraordinary, supernatural, omnipresent—these words help us comprehend our God and Creator. Still, as humans, we cannot truly grasp His greatness until we meet Him face to face.

Our God loved us enough to give us written prophecy explaining what is happening in our own world and in the world around us. Evidence has even shown that the more educated a person is, the more likely they are to believe in a sovereign God. Whether or not science wants to explain it away, the proof of His existence is found everywhere.

Our purpose here is not to be stressed out and miserable all the time, but He said it will be hard as His coming gets closer and closer. It is important in today’s world to pay attention to the ideas being pushed on you. Going along with what seems to be the coolest new thing is not always the right guide. Knowing truth and recognizing right from wrong is so important for the future and for finding peace and happiness. Much of what you are being exposed to is teaching you untruths. For those who do not have a foundation that grounds you in faith and truth, things opposite of the truth may seem right. Make a conscious decision to serve Christ with your life. I am weak; I am a sinner; I am no one’s judge. But I write for the people I love.

The prophecies in the Word of God are coming true right before our eyes. Don’t be afraid to search for the source of peace and truth in your life. Choosing to believe in Christ doesn’t mean you have to live a life without fun and the things you love. He will show you in His Word what to give up or change. He only asks that you accept Him and believe He is the Son of God. He has given us so many chances to turn to Him, and is still waiting for more to come.

Okay, Grandma! Okay, Auntie!! Stop preaching! No, I will not stop, but it is out of love and not judgment or self-importance. You will meet me on the street, most likely in my weaknesses. I struggle, I cry, and I search for answers every day myself. Do not pass me by if you see me; extend a hand of friendship and love, and you will get one back.

I love the people God created. Remember, He is life and peace, but it is not the kind this world brings. Love to you all.


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