You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to persevere. 

You may think you know me or my life’s story, since it has been an awfully public one. But there is much more to uncover. Over the next few months, I would like to share the light, the dark, the healed and the raw, straight from my heart in a series of articles right here on Talk Tuesday. In a world brimming with uncertainties and unforeseen challenges, I hope this series can resonate with others. If that happens, pouring out my heart and soul to everyone who takes the time to read these articles will be worth every tear shed while writing. 

I hope you can see my life as one lived full force and unapologetically. Though it has been one faced with more challenges and darkness in the past 15 years than most will see in a lifetime, I truly believe my struggles, demons, and circumstances can show resilience to those who have or will face similar things. Stay tuned to see how I have turned my life around by asking for help, being open and honest about my depression, and ultimately reshaped my career. I have learned to love myself, moved past the darkness, and, most importantly, restored my faith. This will not be the series of articles you may imagine. While there will be the good, bad, and the ugly, there will also be the most incredible testaments of God’s love and grace when I least deserved or expected it. 

The best place to begin is where I am at this moment, starting my own business and moving my entire life hours away. For the most part, I’m doing this alone, so while I’m in a good place, at times, this process can still resemble the throes of hell. For now, let’s concentrate on the good part! 

Recently, I was at a crossroads. I knew I needed a change, but I absolutely loved what I did for a living and adored my coworkers and those I worked for. But as a friend recently told me, sometimes, God has a funny way of whispering His wishes. When we don’t act, He begins speaking loudly, and if needed, yelling to get our attention. Eventually, we may be faced with a good ol’ slap in the face. (I added the slapping, but I’m sure none of you are surprised by that.) In my case, His slap came from an offer I couldn’t refuse. 

According to my new business partner, my “energy and passion in my industry are a force.” “My name and reputation preceded me” and my talents seemed the right combination for what he was looking for in a partner. With his offer and our new business plan, I made the hard decision to leave my almost 18-year career, and life as I knew it, behind to open Glass Door Insurance Group. As the managing partner of an employee benefits agency, I am lucky enough to take over a large amount of business that is already in effect and can spread my wings to grow this business with my own creativity and passion for the industry. I could go on about this piece because I truly love what I do, but this article isn’t about my new career. It’s about my new LIFE. 

I have recently learned to accept my achievements, so I can almost say this without cringing. This journey has been an accumulation of personal battles and profound introspection. It is a journey that has taken surprising turns when my life encountered a series of events that changed me forever. Some were good, but most were extremely hard. And they all led me to this place in life that I want to share with you. During a relentless pursuit of peace, I found solace and enlightenment. I finally found myself, and with all of that, I also discovered a renewed faith that has become the cornerstone of my new future.

As the doors of my insurance agency swing open, I reflect on the arduous path that brought me here. My difficult circumstances are woven together with threads of perseverance, resilience, and unwavering determination. I have gone through the valleys of despair, where hope seemed distant, and stood on the peaks of triumph, where dreams became a tangible reality. In the coming articles, we will delve deep into my life, uncovering the challenges I’ve encountered and the pivotal moments that shaped me. From early setbacks that tested my resolve to the mentors who have inspired me, each chapter in this journey has contributed to the person I am today. 

While I plan on discussing many topics in this series, the center of the coming articles will show what I found along this painful yet joyous path. Being open, honest, and having hard conversations can save your life. And without hesitation, I believe until you live through pain and suffering, you will never fully appreciate joy. 

Truthfully, this is the last thing I want to do, talking about all of this, in full, with everyone I know as well as complete strangers. But it feels bigger than me, and I know I have been called to do this. I can’t explain it. From a father who fell to addiction, to an infamous and life-changing vacation, losing everything in a house fire, and battles within my marriage, you’ll hear how I’ve internalized it all. I dove into work, eventually found health and fitness, and was blessed with a child that is evidence of God’s grace. Inside of me is a call to help others understand that while the pressures of life are hard, we don’t have to project perfection. You simply have to persevere. How do you do that? Keep an eye out and I’ll explain how I’ve found the keys to unlocking the answers.  I hope and pray to tell this story so that it resonates with others, and they, too, may find the hope, joy, and renewed faith I have found.


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