Remember Me with Joy

One out of four could be a statistic that points to many different things, but in this instance, it is the statistic that is a measure for the number of pregnancies that end in loss. ( So many of these families have not shared that news with friends or family. Often, they may not share because they feel the awkward silence or responses may be more than they can handle. 

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is a nonprofit ministry that supports families with babies in the NICU. In 2022, an extension ministry was created to step into the space of pregnancy and infant loss. This extension ministry is called “Remember Me With Joy.” The mission behind this ministry is to point families that have experienced such a loss to the hope found in Jesus. The group also wants to walk alongside those families to help remember their babies with joy in their hearts! Loss is a process of working through grief and sorrow. It is a beautifully broken journey, but walking through it with others experiencing a similar story is more manageable. “Remember Me With Joy” hosts a support circle every 6-8 weeks for these families to have a space to say their baby’s name and to share how they are healing if they so desire to share. Having the common ground has been a refuge for many of the families that have participated. This is a club that no one wants to be a part of, but because of the brokenness in our world, it is a group that Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is honored to make available. 

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This past Sunday, the 15th, was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Remember Me with Joy hosted a (biodegradable) balloon release at Bringle Park to remember each baby whose family was present. It was a small, intimate group, but a group that is sure to have a bond that others who haven’t experienced this loss may never understand. The prayer on Sunday, as the balloons were released, was that each family member could release just a small amount of sorrow and grab a hold of a tiny piece of joy, making heaven all the sweeter. 

Find Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and Remember Me With Joy on Facebook or learn more here.
Catie Swenson, Executive Director


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