Super Bowl LVIII Predictions

Be you a Chiefs fan, a 49ers fan, or just hoping to catch a glimpse of Taylor, millions of people will be tuning in Sunday to see who wins Super Bowl LVIII.  We asked some of Texarkana's brightest Swifties, local celebrities, and football minds to give us their predictions.

Coach Kendrick King

Title/Position: Liberty-Eylau Middle School Boys Athletic Coordinator

Prediction: The Kansas City Chiefs offense started slow this season, but they have figured it out! A Chiefs offense that’s rolling along with the best defense they've had in the last decade is scary! The San Francisco 49ers are an elite team with elite talent.  They just had a huge come-from-behind victory in the NFC Championship game and showed they are able to battle through adversity. This will be a great game! I can see the Chiefs putting pressure on Brock Purdy and forcing him to be a playmaker. I don’t think he will get it done against the Chiefs defense. I have the Chiefs in a nail-biter 31-24!

Gerry Stanford

Title/Position: Head Football Coach and Athletic Director for Texarkana Independent School District 

Prediction: It is hard to bet against Patrick Mahomes. 

Morgan Smith

Title/Position: Texarkana Gameday

Prediction: 31-28 49ers—McCaffery has an MVP performance behind Longview native and future hall of famer Tr4ent Williams. Trent gets his first Super Bowl ring to cap off a historic career. The clock hits 0:00, and the camera pans to Taylor Swift crying. Bang Bang.

Cobi Hamilton

Title/Position: Former NFL Wide Receiver

Prediction: I haven’t watched a single football game all season, so I couldn’t even tell you who’s playing in the game. I can tell you that if my Beefmaster Bulls were up against my Brahman Bulls, I’d take the Brahmans.

Brooklyn Steele

Title/Position: 5th Grade Swiftie

Prediction: “Don’t Blame Me,” San Francisco! “I Knew You Were Trouble” in Las Vegas for “The Great War,” The Super Bowl.  You won’t be able to “Shake it Off” when you lose. It will be a “Cruel Summer” when my boy Travis and the Chiefs get another Super Bowl Ring, and you go home with “Paper Rings!”

Lucas Wacha 

Title/Position: Owner Wacha Resolution Sports and Performance Facility 

Prediction: 42-35 Chiefs—Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy light up the scoreboard with a late interception by the Chiefs to seal the victory! Travis Kelce then proposes to Taylor Swift on the podium as they accept their Lombardi Trophy!

Jennifer Gibson

Title/Position: Director of Finance at Pleasant Grove Independent School District

Prediction: The 49ers win 47-41, hopefully after a killer halftime performance by Usher.

Landon Jackson

Title/Position: Defensive End Arkansas Razorbacks 

Prediction: 28-21 Chiefs—It will be back and forth all game and stay close. Kelce will get the game-winning touchdown with about 3 minutes left in the game. The 49ers will get the ball, and the Chiefs' defense will shut them down and end the game.

Samantha Harris

Title/Position: Owner of LoneStar Health & Wellness

Prediction: 24-21 Chiefs—Karma is the guy on the Chiefs!

Rod Smith 

Title/Position: Denver Broncos NFL wide receiver and back-to-back Super Bowl champ in 1998 (Super Bowl XXXII) and 1999 (Super Bowl XXXIII)

Prediction: I’ll never cheer for the Chiefs. They have played great, but my orange-blue blood won’t let me pick them. However, a lot of the 49ers coaches are friends of mine. I played with them and want them to get this victory…until my Broncos get our situation fixed.

James Bramlett

Title/Position: President Farmers Bank & Trust and former City of Texarkana Texas Mayor
Prediction: 27-24 Chiefs

Whitmarsh Johnson

Title/Position: PGYA Ravens wide receiver and quarterback 

Prediction: 49ers all the way! 39—36. Brock Purdy will win the MVP. Christian McCaffrey will have over 90 yards in the game!


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