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More Farm in the Farm Bill

Senator Boozman meeting  with agriculture  producers in  Wyoming. photo courtesy of Senator Boozman
I’ve been on the road visiting with farmers, ranchers, foresters, rural community leaders, and nutrition specialists since we began undertaking the daunting task of writing a new farm bill. … At the invitation of my colleagues, I’ve traveled across the country to hear directly from stakeholders as to what we need to include in this contract between Congress and our nation’s agriculture community.

Sky High Farming

Farming has always been essential to human civilization, from ancient times to our modern high-tech world. Through the years, farming practices have developed in response to environmental, technological, and societal changes, reflecting humanity’s ongoing quest for sustenance, prosperity, and progress. One of the advancements in agriculture today is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones.

I Don’t Take Notes & I Don’t Do Windows

photo by Matt Cornelius
Those in Miller, Bowie, and Hempstead counties who know Julia Peck Mobley, think of her as a savvy businesswoman, tough-as-nails, with a no-nonsense mindset. After all, Julia was once the single shareholder of Commercial National Bank (CNB), the reigns of which her father, George Peck, passed to her during an era when having a female bank CEO and chairman of the board was unheard of. … Julia established herself in a male-dominated profession as she took on her father’s philosophy that aligned the banking profession with sales.

Decoding the Impact

How will school vouchers impact local students? … The runoff election for Texas House District 1 is approaching. The candidates are addressing a variety of important issues. Texarkana Magazine has chosen to focus specifically on how implementing a proposed education voucher system in the state of Texas will impact local students.

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