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National Hispanic Heritage Month: A Story of Family, Culture, and Courage

It started as a day like any other, but I knew that day my life would change forever. I remember it as if it was just yesterday. I could feel the fear of leaving everything behind, everything I knew. I looked at Mami, and I could see the sadness in her eyes, but I could also see her courage. My mom, my sister, and I left Mexico when I was 12 years old for safety reasons after an agonizing separation between my parents that would leave her with no choice. I knew we would be safer away, but it did not ease the pain. … I did not really realize how much I would truly lose.

Every Piece Tells a Story

Caroline and Mike Craven’s mid-century modern home in Texarkana, Arkansas, is a pure reflection of their style and personality. Built in 1975, the custom home was built by Gayle and Henry Moore. Growing up in the current Ace of Clubs House in downtown Texarkana, Moore decided to build a home with the help of a commercial builder and architect, Larry McGowan, to create a home with space for entertaining and functional living.

A Pop of Color

photo by Matt Cornelius
The Chambers’ beautiful blue house with its vibrant, yellow front door adds a pop of color to the street much like the family adds a pop of color to their historic Texarkana neighborhood. Kate and Trent have chosen to stay in their beloved historic neighborhood and make their house a home. They contemplated selling or staying but could not stand the thought of leaving, so they settled on a whole house remodel.

Poteet Victory

photo courtesy of Victory Contemporary
Poteet Victory is one of the world’s most in-demand and collectible contemporary Native American artists. Although Victory’s work is abstract, his Cherokee-Choctaw influence still shines through his paintings. He has Native American heritage from his dad’s side; his grandmother was Cherokee, and grandfather was part Choctaw. … Born and raised in Idabel, Oklahoma, Victory was active in the rodeo circuit, riding bulls and wild horses by age fifteen.

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