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Taste Buds

photos by Matt Cornelius
Mudbuggin’ … As spring grows closer, and the days start warming up, we’re hitting that sweet spot in the year—crawfish season. It’s time for the tradition we all love—diving into piles of those spicy, delicious mudbugs. If you have lived in the south for any amount of time, chances are you have been exposed to the ritual of dining on boiled crawfish. This year, thanks to some wacky weather our crawfish buddies were playing hard to get. The reason we’re seeing fewer crawfish basically boils down to not enough rain and way too much heat.

The Texarkana 100 Year Hall of Fame

Businesses and organizations founded at the beginning of the twentieth century that remain strong today epitomize resilience. Withstanding monumental events, including a world war, The Great Depression, the attacks of 9/11, a global pandemic, and more, these century-old establishments have navigated periods of economic prosperity and downturn, strategized around new competitors entering the scene, and triumphed over older competitors seeking an edge. They are a testament to their founder’s power of vision and the unwavering dedication of a long line of loyal employees.

Gary Kusin

photo courtesy of Gary Kusin
Gary Kusin was born in Texarkana, Texas, in 1951, and graduated from Texas High School in 1969. Kusin is a mentor, investor, entrepreneur, business advisor, and author of the forthcoming book Always Learning: Lessons on Leveling Up from GameStop to Laura Mercier Cosmetics and Beyond, available April, 2024. Today, he advises an array of public and private companies, large and small, on strategy, management, and growth issues.

Simply Choose Love

photo by Matt Cornelius
Although George Moore was born in 1948, deep in the throes of segregation, he never realized as a child he was living in a segregated society. “We had one white neighbor who lived less than a mile away. I didn’t see him as white. My parents didn’t talk about Martin Luther King Jr. or Jim Crow. I was never taught racial hatred, and I grew up in a loving, Godly family. I did not hear negativity or anyone talking down to others in my home.

Jim Pendergast

photo courtesy of Jim Pendergast
Jim Pendergast was born in Hammond, Louisiana. When he was in the fourth grade his family moved to Texarkana. He attended Texas A&M University and received a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering. Today he works at NASA in Houston, Texas, where he builds spaceships for a living. … His current position is Deputy for Avionics for the Gateway Vehicle. The Gateway vehicle is a space station designed to circle the Moon. This is where astronauts will live and work, and take Lunar Landing Vehicles to the surface of the Moon, as NASA develops a permanent Lunar base.

Smoke, Spice, & Everything Nice

photos by Matt Cornelius
The Ultimate Wing Trio for the Super Bowl … … It is time to amp up your snack game as the Super Bowl season rolls in. Forget the mundane chips and dip. Let’s dive into a world of bougie, yet effortless treats that will score big with your guests. We’re talking about a trio of tantalizing wings, each with a unique twist that will have everyone reaching for more. … The Smoky Base—Air Fryer or Smoker? You Choose! … Start with our celebrated smoked wing recipe, a staple for any wing aficionado. Don’t have a smoker? No problem!

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