Gearing Up For Football

Morgan Smith shares Texarkana Gameday's football season broadcasting plans with Texarkana Monthly.

Before I can paint a picture to give you a visual of what Texarkana Gameday will be this season, it’s important to first look at how we began. Texarkana Gameday had a quick start, and it took us almost an entire season to figure out the direction we wanted to take it. We had little broadcast experience which created challenges, but we also had an idea that we knew would be great for the community and an exciting accomplishment. I think the 2019 football season turned out great; however, this year we are looking to raise the bar even higher. Just like last year, this year’s success starts with a great idea, vision, and a top-notch group of people, ready to get to work!

You will be able to watch some of your favorite local high school teams right here on Texarkana Gameday LIVE, every Friday night from the comfort of your own home.” —Morgan Smith, Texarkana Gameday

The question remained, when would we be able to get started?

The month of July was filled with uncertainty and questions that were impossible to find the answers to. The unknown left Gameday unable to build for this season. Now that guidelines are becoming available, we are at full speed with preparations for an exceptional year of Texarkana Football! We have more sets, which opens possibilities for more game locations this fall. I’ve challenged the Gameday production crew to design creative ways to bring viewers a glance of what goes on behind the scenes, and a look at the relationships you find among the students and coaches of your favorite local teams. This challenge is at the heart of what Texarkana Gameday is all about. Our production crew excels at surpassing expectations when a challenge is placed before them. On the other side of the camera, I have built relationships with several people who are capable and excited to call games, conduct interviews, and help anyway they can, to show how proud they are of our local schools and athletes. Don’t worry, you’ll still see and hear from the returning starters who helped us out in our premiere season, including Craig Jenkins, Jay Davis, Tony Langford, Billy Lavender, and Matt Fry. You’ll see us all for pregame, halftime, and post-game just like last year, but wait, there’s more…

Morgan Smith shares the story of how Texarkana Gameday started.

The recent decision announced by the University Interscholastic League allows Friday night football games to be livestreamed! You will be able to watch some of your favorite local high school teams right here on Texarkana Gameday LIVE, every Friday night from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, we will be professionally live streaming full games this season. It’s a Texas high school sports fan’s dream! The stream will resemble the live football games that you have probably seen, but in true Texarkana Gameday fashion, we will make it better by including fresh ideas that keep the viewer engaged. We will give the viewers/fans a great experience to make them feel like they are part of the action, while also sticking to our overall mission of, highlighting our area student athletes and working with local schools to promote the high caliber of education, community involvement, and competitive athletics that we are lucky to have access to in North East Texas.


Streaming live on Friday nights allows us to provide more coverage for the non-football side of things, and we are excited to highlight those activities too. You’ll be able to watch all the hard-hitting action on our YouTube channel, and on Facebook @TXKGameday.

The Texarkana Gameday staff at a football game in 2019.

As you can see, there is so much to look forward to from Texarkana Gameday this fall. I am very excited to invite everyone to come be part of all the action as we begin our second year together promoting a message of community, brotherhood, education, competition and camaraderie. I’m Morgan Smith, and I’m still proud to say that at Texarkana Gameday… It’s more than just a game! 

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Gearing Up For Football
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