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It was a beautiful, perfect bluebird sky day. The flowers looked exquisite, and the DJ was ready to play. The four-tier wedding cake seemed too delicious to eat. The most beautiful wedding party was dressed to the nines. Then, the bride walked out of the bridal suite in all her glory in the most stunning wedding gown. Her makeup was flawless, and her hair was in a soft, whimsical updo. Beep! Beep! Beep! I looked all around and couldn’t locate the noise. I tried to gain my composure, and then I almost fell out of bed.

It would be great if all weddings were just “perfect” like the one in my dream. Perfect is an adjective that we use to show that we are completely happy with the way things are. I think if you just say “perfect,” it means “cookie cutter.” Instead of perfect, I chose to say, “perfect for you.”  

The weather might not be perfect, but with a venue that has everything you need under one roof, including a bridal suite, groom’s quarters, reception/ceremony area, kitchen, and covered patios like Blessing Tree, then your wedding can be “perfect for you.”  

You might have table linens with minimal centerpieces, simple bouquets, and boutonnieres, but that might be your “perfect.” You could have sparkling grape juice or sweet tea rather than champagne. Instead of a wedding cake, you may have cupcakes, cookies, or pies because that’s what you like. That could be your “perfect.”

Every bride and groom is unique, and the best part is seeing their personalities shine through their wedding choices. We have had many weddings at Blessing Tree, and every time I see a bridal party and the bride and groom, no matter what their style, their colors, the type of decorations, the music played, or the varieties of food they serve, they are always “perfect to me.”

In 2016, my husband, Ron, and I realized our dream with the opening of Blessing Tree Farm. However, the concept had been brewing long before we tied the knot. Our vision was to establish a joint venture that would not only provide us with post-retirement fulfillment but also allow us to spend quality time together. As sole proprietors, Ron and I take on various roles – from maintaining the grounds to handling janitorial duties, restocking supplies, fixing electrical issues, and much more.

The term "Blessing Tree" embodies our belief in the power of intentional and contagious kindness, inspiring individuals to bless others and embrace the joy of generosity. Our aspiration is for you and your loved ones to lead a blessed life and extend those blessings to others. When it comes to your special occasions, we are dedicated to ensuring that every detail is tailored to be "perfect for you."

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