Morris-Bright Wedding

Q. How did you meet? 
We met online! Cross’s cousin went to the same college as I did, and we were on the same dance team. Jaden, his cousin, posted a picture of the two of us on Facebook. Cross saw the picture and became interested in me. From there, he messaged me on Instagram, we facetimed for a month, and then he drove four hours to where I was going to school to take me on our first date. 

Q. What drew you to each other? 
I loved how outgoing and fun he was, but he was also so intentional. I remember when we would FaceTime, he would always ask the most specific questions and really wanted to get to know who I was. We really only saw each other in person one time before we decided to date officially, but I just felt so comfortable with him and felt excited about where he was going in life, and it made me want to hop along!

Q. Tell us about the proposal.
I was completely surprised. The weekend that it happened was a huge celebration for my college, which I was heavily involved in. Earlier in the week, I was told I had to go to a fundraising event after the spring football game, in which I cheered. So after the game, I went back to my apartment to change, and there was an outfit on my bed and a note explaining what was about to happen. I went to the spot on campus where he told me to meet him, he proposed, and then we met all of our friends and family for a party afterward. 

Q. Tell us about your wedding party. 
We had a large wedding party. I had nine bridesmaids, six in the house party, and Cross had nine groomsmen. We also had one flower girl. All of my girls were people from all stages of my life. I had friends from college, friends from high school, friends from when I lived overseas, and friends I have known my whole life. It was the same for Cross, and it was so cool to experience our wedding with people from all walks of our lives. Our officiant and our flower girl are actually father/daughter and mean so much to us. The officiant and his family have supported my husband and me from the beginning and still do, so it is so cool to have someone so influential be with us on the biggest day of our lives. 

Q. What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Aside from all the dancing, because it was New Year's Eve, my favorite part was right before we walked down the aisle. We had done a first look, so we were together at this point, and our wedding coordinator tucked us back into a little room before the ceremony. I remember just sitting there looking at the man that was about to become my husband and being so excited and ready. It truly felt like time had stopped and that it was just the two of us soaking up every last drop of that day. 

Q. Did you face any specific challenges while planning your wedding?
We were long-distance our entire relationship, so that meant that we were long-distance planning the wedding. This was difficult because I would need to meet with the florist or get some things done, but we were apart and could not do it together. I wanted to include him in everything, but it is hard when you go to the meeting, then have to discuss, and then meet again with the vendor, and so on. He was also working full-time, and I was still in college, so our availability was a little different, which made it challenging. 

Q. Were there any unique features of your wedding?
We had our wedding on New Year's Eve, so that was unique. It was so fun to get to kick off the year with all of our favorite people and have one giant party!

Q. Did you go on a honeymoon? Where? 
We went to Thailand. This was also a surprise - Cross told me the entire time he was planning the honeymoon that it would be domestic and not international because of Covid, so I never dreamed we would go to Thailand. He actually told me the morning we were leaving, and I was so shocked. 

Q. What makes your love story special?
If we had not met on social media, our paths would not have crossed. I am from Oklahoma, and Cross is from Texarkana, so it is so crazy to think that one picture on social media caught his eye, and now we are a year into marriage. 

Q. What about your life together are you excited about?
I am just excited to be in the same place forever! Each day it crosses my mind that I get to come home to him and that we are living in the same place. I am excited to travel and experience life together as the Brights.

Bride’s Parents: Traci and Robert Morris
Groom’s Parents: Stephanie and Robert Bright

Vendors used:
Wedding Location: The Tulsa Club Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Flowers: Consider the Lilies
Rentals: Party Perfect 
Photographer/Videographer: Complete Weddings
Dress: Justin Alexander


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