Lindsey-Nix Wedding

Q. How did you meet?
We officially met through a mutual friend in eighth grade at North Heights Junior High, but we first met in kindergarten at Trinity Christian School.

Q. What drew you to each other?
Baylee: He was the cute new kid that hung out with all of my friends, and I was a mutual friend of all of his friends. I don’t know if we could pinpoint what drew us to one another... we were 14! I can say that once we got into college, I was drawn to how confident he was in any situation. He could be completely new in any realm of activity, and he was going to go into it knowing he could be the best one out there with a little practice.

Austin: I was drawn to Baylee once we got to college because no matter what situation she was in, she would always show compassion for others, and they would know full-heartedly in whatever situation was going on that Baylee would tell them the truth.

Q. Tell us about the proposal.
(Told by Austin) It was a complete surprise. I had always known I wanted Baylee to be my wife, but I decided to start planning it in May 2021. I knew it would have to be a quick turnaround because she is extremely nosey, and I cannot keep a secret from her. From there, I told both of our moms my plan, and they jumped in to bring it to life. I proposed to Baylee downtown inside Silvermoon. I had a banner created with pictures from our high school and college undergrad years, and in the middle of the sign it said, “Will You Marry Me?” The whole time Baylee thought we were asked to be in a photo shoot for a local jewelry store. Our photographer came up with the idea because she knew Baylee would catch on quickly if we didn’t tell her something. I also had the other side of Silvermoon full of all of our closest family and friends for a surprise engagement party to follow.

I picked Baylee up from her house, and we drove downtown. The whole time, we played our favorite music, and she suspected nothing! When we made it downtown and parked, the nerves set in. Baylee got out and started to walk inside, but I got her attention and told her to wait. One of our friends put up a kid’s balloon on the other side of Silvermoon to distract Baylee from the group awaiting to surprise her. She was persistent about not going in yet because she just wanted to make sure she didn't know the little kid in case she wanted to say hi... I am so thankful she did not do that, she would have seen the room full of all of our people!

We walk inside. Baylee is not a crier, but as soon as she stepped inside, she started bawling. I immediately panicked because I did not think she would cry like she did. It honestly made me nervous, and I forgot everything I wanted to say. I brought her to the middle of the room in front of the banner and said, “I love you so much”, got down on one knee, and she said yes! It was the best day ever!

The first surprise went perfectly, and then the engagement party surprise went even better! She was shocked, and the night was perfect! We ended the evening with a big fireworks show at my house because after all it was July 3, and I had to make up for not being at the lake to her!

Q. Tell us about your wedding party. Who was in it, and why?
Our wedding party was the perfect combination of family, high-school friends, and college friends. Austin had eight groomsmen. Wren Wililams was his best man. From the moment Austin started school at North Heights Junior High, they were inseparable. He has always been the brother Austin never had. Next were Austin’s two cousins, John Conner Nix and Dalton McKaughan. These cousins are also more like brothers than cousins. They are clowns that kept everyone laughing all night, and Austin could not have imagined not having them stand beside him. After that were Austin’s two other closest friends from high school, Dylan Adcock and Matt Peyton. The group of four boys was never seen one without the other three. Even through college, these boys remained best friends through it all. Finally, Austin’s three college buddies, Shane Clenin, Drew Vest, and Dylan Peace. were groomsmen. The first two Austin met playing football at The University of Arkansas. The last one was Austin’s roommate during freshman year. He became family almost immediately, and it is crazy for us to think we had no clue who he was even though he was from Atlanta, Texas. They could not be more different which is why they are the perfect friends. We could not have imagined our day without the support of these boys.

I had six bridesmaids and two junior bridesmaids. My maid of honor was my little sister, Lani Beth Lindsey. I always knew that Lani would hold this position for her one day without a doubt. Next were my three closest friends from high school, Kara Reaves, Taylor Ledford, and Blaire Bledsoe Williams. Our friendships stood the test of time while in college. Taylor, Kara and I were even roommates during freshman year. We have been friends since the 6th grade and never looked back. My friendship with Blaire got started through our boyfriends at the time, Wren & Austin. It has been so fun to get to grow up with our guys together. Next was my roommate throughout college, Savannah Lilly. We met through our sorority Pi Beta Phi, and the rest was history. We always joke that we have never been more thankful for having “L” last names during roll call. Finally, Austin’s cousin Riley McAdams was my last bridesmaid. Riley and Austin are only about two months apart in age so they have been the best of friends from the beginning. I got close with Riley throughout high school and knew that I had to have her by my side when marrying her best friend. My first junior bridesmaid was my little cousin Mollie Kate Browning. Mollie has always been more like my little sister and appreciated me dressing her up like my own lifesize babydoll. I had to have her with me on the most special day ever. To wrap up the bridesmaids is my last junior bridesmaid, Caroline Muckleroy. Austin was the ring bearer in her parent’s wedding, and I saw it as nothing but fitting to have her by my side when we got married. She also has the biggest crush ever on Austin and told me that I was the only person in the world she would agree to share him with. I also had three house party members. I met all three of these girls during college and could not imagine life without them now. Audrey Murphy and Grace Hatfield were Pi Phis with me, and we lived across the hall from each other in the Pi Phi house in college. I met Haydi through our boyfriends, and went to all of the football games!

Q. What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Austin: My favorite part of the whole day was getting to watch Baylee walk down the aisle in that final moment before we were husband and wife.

Baylee: My favorite part was getting to celebrate with everyone we love during the reception on the dance floor.

Our favorite part together would have been during our first dance when we got to look out and see everyone we loved in one room celebrating our love.

Q. Were there any unique features of your wedding that made it different from traditional weddings?
We did a first look to ease the nerves of the day. During this first look, we read notes and personal vows to each other before taking traditional vows in our ceremony. We also had a live wedding painter who captured our first dance in a portrait as we were dancing.

Q. Did you go on a honeymoon? Where?
Yes, we went to Negril, Jamaica!

Q. What makes your love story special?
I think our love story is special because we have gotten to love and grow up with each other from the age of 14. We are so completely opposite from one another, which is so beautiful! We got to be each other’s first kiss, first date for every high school dance, prom king/queen, and now we get to be each other’s last kiss forever. We got to watch each other chase our dreams with Austin playing football at the University of Arkansas and continuing his career as a Razorback and Baylee starting ccupational therapy school. We continue growing in our love through it all.

Q. What about your life together are you most excited about?
We are so excited to mark off as many things as we can from our list of “wants to dos” that we created in high school, and of course, experience becoming parents. 

Bride’s Parents: Jeremy and Whitney Lindsey
Groom’s Parents: Laura and Dr. John Nix

Wedding location—Four Fifteen Estates
Reception location—Four Fifteen Estates
Flowers—Flowerroom Txk
Decor—Dot’s Rentals, AlphalitTxk for last name letters, Smile on The Line for photobooth 
Photographer—Kendal Dockery Photography
Videographer—Blue Shadow Films
Catering—Sugar & Spice Catering
Cake—The Cake Ladies Custom Cakes
Dress—Gracyn Elizabeth Bride
Groom’s Attire—GEB Menswear
Bridesmaids Attire—Birdy Grey
Hair—Jayme Culberson and Haylee Mudford at Fringe Salon
Makeup—Lauren Starkey and Kayla Lewis
Band/DJ—DJ DerrickD
Coordinator and Decorator—BellaRoo Events
Live Wedding Painter—Wedding Painters
Bar Service—The Roaming Pony
Invitation Suites, Paper Goods, Etc—Hobart Print Studio
Rings (groom and bride)—Murphy Pitard Jewelers


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