Pretend Play to the Real Deal

Hey, fabulous readers! Gather around because I'm about to spill the tea on my bridal transformation—from years of playing dress-up to finally stepping into the limelight as a blushing bride. Buckle up because it's been a rollercoaster of tulle, lace, and a completely transparent STRESS!

For years, I've modeled for Arkansas Bride Magazine, wedding planners, and photographers, living out my dream as the pretend bride. But now, as the spotlight shifts from mock weddings to my own big day, the pressure is on, and so is the stress.

So here I am, with a real ring on my finger and the daunting yet thrilling task of finding the perfect wedding attire. Who knew that playing pretend would be the ultimate dress rehearsal for this momentous occasion?

You'd think shopping for a real bridal gown would be a breeze. Spoiler alert—it's a beautiful chaos of emotions, styles, and a pinch of stress. But oh, the excitement! I've spent hours flipping through bridal magazines, and let's not even get started on the Pinterest boards that have multiplied faster than bunny rabbits. Why did no one warn me that finding the perfect wedding dress would be akin to embarking on a quest? The sheer stress of sifting through countless gowns, each more breathtaking than the last, is enough to make any bride-to-be question the simplicity of the process. The anticipation, the choices, the opinions—oh, the opinions! Navigating the sea of tulle, lace, and satin becomes a delicate dance between dreams and reality. The pressure to find the gown that encapsulates your unique vision while appeasing the entire bridal entourage is, dare I say it, a challenge no one quite prepares you for. Yet, amidst the stress, there's an undeniable thrill, a sense of uncovering the attire that will mark the beginning of forever. Why did no one tell me? Perhaps because, despite the stress, it's a journey filled with moments of pure magic and the promise of a beautiful beginning. I can't help but marvel at the transition from playing make-believe to living out my own fairy tale. It's like all those years of practice were just the warm-up for the grand finale—my wedding day.

photo courtesy of Arkansas Bride Magazine
photo by Jason Masters

So here's to the years of playing dress-up, the countless photoshoots as the imaginary bride, and finally stepping into the role for real. Cheers to finding the perfect gown and embracing the chaos of wedding planning with a smile. This bride is ready for her spotlight moment, and I can't wait to say "I do" in style!

Yours in tulle and forever love,
Jasmine Bruce 

Photo by Erin Wilson Photography
ERA Planning & Design

Dress courtesy of Gracyn Elizabeth Bride: Texarkana, Texas 


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