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I remember more than 25 years ago watching Cher virtually select her outfit for the day with the click of a button in CluelessIt became the envy of me and teenage girls everywhere! I remembered thinking, "If I had a tool like that, I could look flawlessly put together just as easily as Cher." 

It's 20 years later, and I still don't have a digital wardrobe assistant (bummer, right?!), but I've discovered something even more impactful than Cher's digital closet tool. In 2020, I had "my colors done" by a House of Colour consultant in Fort Worth. I found the experience so powerful that I knew I wanted to offer the same experience to women in my area, and I launched my House of Colour business in 2023. 

What is color analysis? 

Color analysis is the process of discovering the colors that best suit your unique skin tone through a science-based analysis process. During the transformational appointment, you see for yourself the colors that make you look brighter, fresher, and healthier. 

House of Colour color consultations take place in the UK, Ireland, Greece, France, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA & Australia. They're held one-on-one or in small groups, which are friendly and enormously fun. 

During an appointment, you learn more about your coloring and see with your own eyes how some colors are dramatically more flattering and harmonize with your natural coloring. Using precision-dye drapes, we first determine if you are warm (yellow-based) or cool (blue-based). From there, we layer drapes to reveal your season – Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring. 

No more guessing about which colors work for you. You'll leave knowing the perfect hues for makeup, hair color, and clothing. No color will be excluded. It's all about finding the right tone.

A personal color analysis consultation is a 2-3 hour service designed to discover your best colors and celebrate you using a sophisticated process and the principles of color science. We also find makeup shades that perfectly harmonize with your skin tone and color palette. You will take with you a personalized notebook and a beautiful fan of fabric swatches filled with information to help you shop and wear your best colors confidently. 

What are the benefits of color analysis? 

  • Imagine stepping into your closet, and your clothing all works in harmony together! Each season's color palette is designed to do just that, and it allows you to build a closet that mixes and matches beautifully. 
  • Shopping is simplified. As you discover your colors and begin to train your eye, you will easily be able to narrow down and identify the clothing that works best for you. Say goodbye to spending on items that don't work for you, and therefore, you don't end up wearing!
  • You feel pulled together in minutes! After discovering your personal color palette during your appointment, we then provide you with a personalized 90-second Makeup routine. This includes a mineral powder and blush to match your personal coloring and then finding your perfect lipsticks. The 90-second makeup routine is designed to simplify your beauty routine and get you out the door with flawless ease. All of our cosmetics are available for purchase, and our products highlight your natural beauty. 
  • A deep sense of confidence in yourself! In our influencer culture, it can be easy to feel less than or even overwhelmed with conflicting information coming your way. Color analysis gives you the tools and information to start a deep, natural confidence that stays with you forever.

The Next Step After Color!

Do you have clothing that doesn't feel right when you wear it? Or feel like you have a closet full of nothing to wear? Is it hard to find clothes that feel like you? If you answer "yes" to any of these, then a Personal Style Session is a great next step. 

House of Colour style sessions are designed to teach you the shapes and styles that will naturally flatter your body's unique architecture, as well as fit your likes and personality. We identify holes in your wardrobe and simplify shopping. You'll learn how to choose clothing shapes and style elements that feel authentic and take your look to the next level. 

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