Stokes-DiDonna Wedding

Morgan Lynn Stokes and Matthew Connelly DiDonna
October 28, 2023

How did you meet? 

Matt and I met in Rochester, NY. On December 26, we had our first date at Jeremiah's and spent the first three hours laughing and joking together. 

What drew you to each other? 

We were drawn to each other through our love of music and adventuring together.

Tell us about the proposal. 

Matt proposed on the beach in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We attended a music festival to see the Lumineers and Stevie Nicks! I was in such a hurry to get in to see the bands that I was running ahead of him and was so surprised when he called me back and was down on a knee! I was completely surprised. 

Tell us about your wedding party. Who was in it, and why?

Ashley Coleman (MOH) - Ashley is my cousin and has been like a big sister to me my entire life. She was an essential part of the wedding party.

Tori Goodman (Bridesmaid) - Tori has been my best friend for five years. We have been through a ton together, and I could not have had my big day without her. 

Rebecca Grace Daley (Bridesmaid) - Grace has been my best friend for over ten years! She is my other half, and I would never want to celebrate without her!

Penelope Giles (Junior Bridesmaid) - Penelope is my cousin and was a huge part of the wedding. I was honored to have "P" as a part of our group! 

Evan Christansen (Best Man) - Evan has been Matt's best friend for over 15 years. They have bonded through music and sports!

Joe Burkett (Groomsman) -Joe is Matt's cousin and has always been a huge support to Matt throughout his life!

Eric Case (Groomsmen) - Eric is one of Matt's cousins, and they have always bonded over the Bills. They enjoy spending time together and talking over sports and more!

Dylan Hedgepath (Groomsmen) - Dyaln and Matt met post-college and loved playing pool and going to concerts together.

What was your favorite part of your wedding? 

Our favorite part of the wedding was getting everyone together. We both come from large families, and it was great to have everyone in the same place!

Were there any unique challenges when planning your wedding? 

The main challenge was planning and coordinating things when we weren't in town! Thankfully, our family was instrumental in making sure everything was perfect! 

Were there any unique features of your wedding that made it different from traditional weddings? 

One thing was changing dresses after the ceremony! It was a welcome relief since it was a bit hot out! Another was our beer donkeys, which greeted guests at the reception. The donkeys were absolutely Matt's favorite part of the wedding. 

Did you go on a honeymoon? Where? 

We are planning a later honeymoon in Cancun! With our relocation to Florida, it is like we are on our honeymoon every day!

What makes your love story special? 

Our communication and partnership have been something that is so different for both of us. These two factors help us to grow and learn from one another in our relationship. No matter what we are going through, those two factors make it possible for us to accomplish anything together!

What about your life together are you most excited about? 

We are most excited about our upcoming adventures. Since we have relocated quite a bit over the last few years, we know the adventures will keep coming, and we can't wait to see what happens next!

Bride's Parents: Michael Stokes and Sherri Stokes

Groom's Parents: Michael and Ellen DiDonna

Vendors used:

Wedding location- First United Methodist Church Texarkana, AR

Reception location—Texarkana Country Club; Texarkana, AR 

Officiant- Rev. Jamie Alexander

Flowers—Kyle Barrett

Decor— Kyle Barrett

Rentals— Kyle Barrett

Photographer—Colton Daffren

Catering - Pam Elliott (TCC)

Dress— Eddy K. 

Hair—Lindsey Dunn

Makeup—Katya Gonzales

Band/DJ—Brian Watson/Avery Covington

Music at Church-Larry De Dymott/ Amy Meadows

Coordinator—Deborah Mason/ Junie Young


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