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Gator Glut

photo by Eric Ethridge at Millwood Lake
Did the efforts to protect the American Alligator become overly successful? … This is no doubt an effort that is appreciated by all nature lovers, but the current alligator populations in South Arkansas continue to increase at an alarming rate. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Tech Blake Keener said the problem at Beard’s Lake Park, part of Millwood Lake, stemmed from people illegally feeding the alligators. Alligators are skittish of humans, and feeding them can cause their natural fear of humans to dissipate.

Forrest Carvajal

photo by Matt Covington
Forrest Carvajal is the founder of Pond Creek Duck Calls and co-host of the Off the X podcast. He graduated from Arkansas High School in 2006 and lived in Texarkana, Arkansas, until 2008, when he moved to Conway, Arkansas. … Raised by his grandparents, JoEllen and Gary Sutton, Forrest was actively involved in sports from a young age, with a particular affinity for baseball and golf. His talent in golf earned him a scholarship to Central Baptist College in Conway, Arkansas, where he met Leah, his future wife.

Escape Close to Home

You do not have to travel far from Texarkana to find beautiful places to relax and have fun. … Explore the Caddo River, Little River, and the Ouachita National Forest. These areas are perfect for family trips and adventures. Caddo River is great for kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Little River is peaceful and full of wildlife, perfect for canoeing and bird-watching. Ouachita National Forest has miles of hiking and biking trails with stunning views. … Find the best spots for your next getaway and enjoy the nature that is close to home.

Inaugural Life of TXK Photo Contest

“Lightning Across Two States” by Eric Ethridge
Texarkana Magazine proudly presents the winners of the inaugural Life of TXK photo contest. Each winning photograph provides a distinct glimpse of the community, demonstrating remarkable talent and creativity. The contest featured five categories, with the overall winner and the special smartphone categories receiving cash prizes.

Daniel Pierce

photo by Daniel Pierce
Daniel Pierce, formerly known as Danny Hall, has always been drawn to the ocean and surrounded by free-spirited and open-minded individuals. Today, he finds solace wandering the bustling Venice Boardwalk or enjoying the solitude of Malibu’s beaches. He also remains grateful for his roots. Daniel’s early life was spent on a 20-acre pasture in Nash, Texas, where he lived with his single father, whom he only met at the age of six.

Class of 2024

Welcome to Texarkana Magazine’s celebration of the Class of 2024. As these remarkable students close one chapter and embark on new adventures, their achievements and promising futures that lie ahead are honored. Everyone is invited to recognize their hard work and success, and to wish them well as they step into the next phase of their lives.

Always Learning Book Review

photo by Matt Cornelius
This May marks 25 years since I graduated from Texas High School. It’s around this time of year that I like to offer suggestions for books that will inspire and motivate our budding graduates. When I graduated high school, the book of choice for gifting was Chicken Soup for the Soul. I believe I had multiple iterations of that book; I had one for my teenage soul, my graduate soul, and my ordinary soul.

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