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Have a Heart

photo by Matt Cornelius
Register as an Organ DonorYour donation could save a life like Texarkana resident Madeline Piña’s. … Most people know there is a need for organ and tissue donors. Still, they need to understand how urgent this need is. According to, 95% of Americans support organ donation, but only about 60% are registered to donate. … February is American Heart Month, and one Texarkana family understands why a heart is a valuable gift. To the Piña family, every day is another day they wait for the call that a heart is available for eight-year-old Madeline.

My Drift

photo by Matt Cornelius
Wouldn’t it be Loverly?As I descended the stairs the other day, I was reminded of the 1989 Bobby Brown hit “Every Little Step.” Every little step I took made me wince in pain. I can do stairs, but I don’t like doing stairs. Between my arthritis and the suitcase I dropped on my foot ten years ago, it hurts my feet, my knees, and my pride. I don’t want to do it multiple times a day anymore. … Which is the basis for our latest project. We’re adding a downstairs master bedroom to our house, where we already have more room than any two people need.

The Monthly Mix

Get Organized … Order and organization give me such a sense of peace. It might seem silly to some, but when everything has a place, I feel more at ease. I have always been a very organized person, but it seems like it is still always a work in progress. Things get out of order, new things are added to the mix, and items no longer used add clutter. It can be overwhelming if you let it all pile up. My best advice is to start small with just one drawer or cabinet. This method will give you the momentum to keep going with your organization.

Skincare Goals

Your skin will only ever be as good as your skincare routine.” —Author Unknown … Forever Young at Dermatology Associates prides itself on being Texarkana’s only “all-inclusive skincare destination.” Whether you are concerned with an irregular mole, a rash, rosacea, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, or any other skin condition, Forever Young is well-equipped to meet your needs.

Functional Medicine Program

Renew Integrated Medical Spa has been serving the beauty and wellness needs of Texarkana and the Four States areas since 2008. Whether you are interested in laser resurfacing, Botox, filler, facials, or a fresh start to your health, our wellness, aesthetic, and weight loss programs are facilitated by experienced professionals to help you meet your goals with a focus on bringing you the latest and most up to date in wellness and aesthetic services.

Bougie Grubs King Cake Candy

Mardi Gras is right around the corner, and that calls for a King Cake Candy recipe! … Laissez la bonne nourriture rouler (Let the good food roll)! … INGREDIENTS … 1 package of graham crackers … 2 sticks of unsalted butter … 1 cup brown sugar … 1 tsp. vanilla … 1/2 tsp. cinnamon … 1 cup chopped pecans … 1 1/2 cups melting white chocolate chips … yellow, green, and purple sugar glitter … DIRECTIONS … 1. Preheat oven to 350º. 2. Place graham crackers on a lined parchment paper baking sheet. 3. Melt butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon in a skillet on medium heat. 4.

Water Therapy

The water therapy at Eternal Beauty Medical Aesthetics and Day Spa is unlike anything else available in our area. Every detail of your experience has been considered. This visit includes a 140-degree 20-minute infrared sauna experience used to promote the relaxation of sore muscles and joints, as well as to promote detoxification and phagocytosis of dormant zombie cells, enhance weight loss, and the promotion of collagen-building within the skin. These benefits continue for 2 hours after exiting the sauna. Enhance your experience by requesting a guided meditation.

Soulful Pursuits: A One Day at a Time Kind of Life

Every December we are reminded that the year is almost over, and somehow it seems there is often a bit of relief that comes with that knowledge. Inevitably, the previous year has brought with it trials and tribulations, and when facing them, zero percent of people get it all right. So, we are often ready to wipe the slate clean and try again, armed with another year of wisdom under our belts and a little more courage.

Let’s Talk Weight Loss

As the owner of LoneStar Health & Wellness, I want to communicate that we offer a variety of services to fit everyone’s needs. More specifically as we enter a new year, I want to talk about weight loss and new medications on the market to aid in weight loss. … A common complaint that comes into my office is, “I can’t lose weight. I’ve been working out, changed my diet, or started counting calories, and still no change.” Weight loss and weight maintenance are struggles worldwide.

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