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The Unexpected Route Home

There’s a famous quote by Angela N. Blount that says, “Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to make.” This feels like the perfect introduction to the story behind Lisa and Mark Looney’s new house. Unlike most new homeowners, the Looneys were not looking to move at all, much less build from scratch. Instead, it all started when Lisa had a friend from Hot Springs call and say she and her husband were headed to Texarkana for the day to look at houses.

An Organically Grown Life

photo by Matt Cornelius
Biology, chemistry, math, mechanics, business, and engineering… … When considering the experts in these fields, we often overlook farmers whose grasp of each must be extensive. It is a career, or even more accurately, a lifestyle requiring a firm grip on many complex subjects, including these and others. Going to work each day, facing weather uncertainties, devouring pests, soil conditions, and the potential breakdown of complex machinery, acts as the most advanced, and sometimes severe form of continuing education.

TXK 411

Leaves of 3, Let It Be.

Tips For Identifying Poison Ivy

… • Mitten-shaped side leaflets connect directly to main stem … • Center leaflet is larger and has a longer stalk … • Leaves are waxy green on the top … • Grow in leaflets of three, never five … • Grows as a vine, with no thorns … • Woody, hairy vine climbs trees, utility poles, etc.

The Monthly Mix

Grillin’ & Chillin’ … This Father’s Day, celebrate Dad’s love for grilling and chilling with the perfect gifts that cater to his passion for outdoor cooking and relaxation. From top-of-the-line grilling accessories to cozy backyard essentials, spoil him with thoughtful presents that elevate his grilling game and ensure ultimate relaxation in his favorite outdoor oasis.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Matt Cornelius
As we gear up for the dog days of summer, a popular saying often resurfaces in conversations and across social media platforms: “You only have eighteen summers with your child, so make them count.” This phrase reminds us time is a thief. … These eighteen summers offer us a unique window to celebrate life together free from the usual rush of the school year. It is our chance to really engage in whatever our kids love to do, enjoy just being there with them, and make memories full of adventure.

Brighter than the CANDLE

photo by Matt Cornelius
In all the stories we hear daily about human resilience, few move us more profoundly than those about children battling chronic medical conditions. Austin Taylor, a now 11-year-old Red Lick student who is battling Chronic Atypical Neutrophilic Dermatosis with Lipodystrophy and Elevated Temperature (CANDLE) Syndrome, is an inspirational example of this truth. Taylor has shown remarkable courage and stands stronger every day in the face of this relentless opponent. … From the early age of three days old, his mother, Carly Armstrong, recognized signs of distress.

Thresholds of Renewal

photos by Matt Cornelius
It’s easy to imagine what drew Jeanie Conway to her home. Driving up to the front, the large wrap-around porch is warm and inviting. Large planters overflowing with life stand tall on either side of the front door. Each home reflects so many things about the lives of the inhabitants, and the most interesting parts of every house are the stories told by each carefully curated space. … The Conway house boasts a sense of growth and revival through its colorful pallet and inviting design. It has the location of fresh starts and a renewed focus on the joys of life.

The Monthly Mix

Floral Finds … As chilly temperatures fade away and nature begins to stir, there is no better way to usher in the season’s cheerful ambiance than by adorning your home with the freshness and beauty of floral elements. From delicate blossoms to lush foliage, spring floral finds offer an effortless way to infuse your living spaces with a sense of renewal and vitality.

Publisher's Letter

Starting my career at Texarkana Gazette, typing out obituaries as a temporary newsroom secretary, was a humble beginning. However, to me, it was a big deal; it felt like my first real job after working in restaurants and the retail industry. I loved the hustle of the newsroom. When my stint at the obit desk wrapped up, I moved into classified ad sales. If you ever called about a garage sale ad back in the early 2000s, you were probably talking to me. That job really was the start of my sales career, and I learned a lot. … That gig was just the beginning.

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