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The Upside of Envy

In the classic holiday movie, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, the character Peppermint Patty famously chastised Charlie Brown by saying... “Look at this! Is that what you call a Thanksgiving Day dinner? Where’s the turkey, Chuck? Don’t you know anything about Thanksgiving dinners? Where’s the mashed potatoes? Where’s the cranberry sauce? Where’s the pumpkin pie? Did we come across town for this? We’re supposed to be served a real Thanksgiving dinner.” … Does this sound familiar?

The Monthly Mix

Season of Gratitude … Writing notes is becoming a lost art. I love handwritten letters or cards. There’s just something about the time it takes to write one that makes receiving it extra special. Keep stationary and stamps on hand for mailing a quick “thinking of you” or “thank you” note. Grab pens and markers you enjoy writing with specifically for the task. It’s always fun to receive mail. … These Alexa Pulitzer cards are stunning for fall. I love the “On The Hunt” design and all the details within it. They are printed on a thick cardstock, making them durable.

TXK 411

There are endless, fun options when putting together a fall-themed charcuterie board. … First, gather your favorite fall-themed items: candy corn, caramel popcorn, figs, and mini pumpkins. … Next, collect the basic charcuterie foods. The go-to items to incorporate are different varieties of cheeses, salami, crackers, jams, dips, fruit, and last but not least, sweets. One way to keep the board on theme is to choose foods with warmer tones like orange, brown, and purple. … Once you have all these items, you can start the fun part: assembling your board.

Publisher's Letter

As we celebrate Texarkana Magazine’s three-year print milestone, it has me reflecting on the journey. We often stand “on the shoulders of giants,” but I see it as learning along the way from those who have paved our paths. They are everyday heroes—a supportive spouse or the encouraging dad. Our stories are colored by these silent giants who say, “I helped!” Remember to reminisce, show gratitude, and pass on wisdom this Thanksgiving. Our wins, big and small, we owe much to our mentors. As we move forward, let’s salute them and make them proud.

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