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From Pigskins to Beefmasters

photo by Matt Cornelius
Cobi Hamilton’s farm in Nash, Texas, is like driving up on a tiny slice of East Texas heaven. Observing the beauty of the wildflowers and the magnificence of the cattle is a mesmerizing experience. It is easy to see why, in a busy and complicated world, this is Hamilton’s oasis.

TXK 411

There’s no better way to fortify your garden while reducing your contribution to landfills than composting. Starting a compost pile can feel a little intimidating. Just remember to follow this simple equation... … CARBON + NITROGEN + OXYGEN + WATER + TIME = COMPOSTBOX SIZE … Aim for a box that is at least 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Start with a thick base layer of brown material, including sticks, twigs, wood chips, hay, or straw to promote air circulation. Then alternate layers of greens and browns, making sure to always have a layer of browns on top, to balance the moisture.

My Drift

photo by Matt Cornelius
Hold the Phone … It was almost déjà vu. A homecoming event found me in the hallway of the sorority house where I had lived as a student fifteen years earlier. The sound of ringing telephones coming from every direction was familiar and brought back memories. There was, however, something new. … “Hi. You’ve reached Mindy and Jen. Leave us a message at the beep.” … Mind you, the answering machine itself was not novel to me. Our home phone had been monitored by one for years.

The Monthly Mix

Father’s Day Style … The month of June kicks off summer fun and memories to be made. It is also a time when we recognize our dads for all they do with a special day just for them. Treat dad to a few of his favorites and spoil him for all the hard work he does. I have selected a few items that he will enjoy and are sure to make him feel very appreciated. … Help dad haul his beverages and snacks of choice around with ease. This soft-sided cooler with a zip-top closure is perfect for on the go.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Captured by Kelsi
My dad, Jay Simmons, has always been a hard worker. When I was a little girl, I remember riding with him in the back of 18-wheelers to deliver trucks to clients over the weekend. I remember thinking the bed in the back for taking naps during the ride was the coolest. I also remember spending many Saturday mornings watching television in my dad’s office while he worked. (Do you remember that commercial showing the eggs in a frying pan?

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