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National Hispanic Heritage Month: A Story of Family, Culture, and Courage

It started as a day like any other, but I knew that day my life would change forever. I remember it as if it was just yesterday. I could feel the fear of leaving everything behind, everything I knew. I looked at Mami, and I could see the sadness in her eyes, but I could also see her courage. My mom, my sister, and I left Mexico when I was 12 years old for safety reasons after an agonizing separation between my parents that would leave her with no choice. I knew we would be safer away, but it did not ease the pain. … I did not really realize how much I would truly lose.

Every Piece Tells a Story

Caroline and Mike Craven’s mid-century modern home in Texarkana, Arkansas, is a pure reflection of their style and personality. Built in 1975, the custom home was built by Gayle and Henry Moore. Growing up in the current Ace of Clubs House in downtown Texarkana, Moore decided to build a home with the help of a commercial builder and architect, Larry McGowan, to create a home with space for entertaining and functional living.

Poteet Victory

photo courtesy of Victory Contemporary
Poteet Victory is one of the world’s most in-demand and collectible contemporary Native American artists. Although Victory’s work is abstract, his Cherokee-Choctaw influence still shines through his paintings. He has Native American heritage from his dad’s side; his grandmother was Cherokee, and grandfather was part Choctaw. … Born and raised in Idabel, Oklahoma, Victory was active in the rodeo circuit, riding bulls and wild horses by age fifteen.

A Pop of Color

photo by Matt Cornelius
The Chambers’ beautiful blue house with its vibrant, yellow front door adds a pop of color to the street much like the family adds a pop of color to their historic Texarkana neighborhood. Kate and Trent have chosen to stay in their beloved historic neighborhood and make their house a home. They contemplated selling or staying but could not stand the thought of leaving, so they settled on a whole house remodel.

A Full Cup

This is the kind of place that harkens back to days gone by. It is a throwback to all that is good about America. Going strong for 63 years, Shorty's Donut and Diner is the oldest restaurant in Texarkana. Every Monday through Saturday, beginning at 5:00 a.m., patrons file through the doors of the Texarkana staple. There are no frills or hype at this diner because that would take away from its down-home, what-you-see-is-what-you-get vibe, but customers are guaranteed a piping, hot cup of coffee and breakfast cooked to order by a staff who loves what they do.

First Day Jitters

Excited, exhausted, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and nervous… these are a few of the many feelings teachers feel the night before school starts. Some of these emotions may come across as negative, but I want to create a safe, perfect, and inviting classroom (home away from home) for my students. I spend countless hours preparing and planning for the big day! This will be our "happy place" together for the next nine months. I am beginning the 26th year of my teaching career. I have taught kindergarten through fourth grade, including all subjects.

2022 Total Medical Supply Hero Scholarship Recipient Rashad Thrower

Total Medical is located locally in Texarkana and services the medical supply needs of thousands of patients nationwide. This year, Total Medical awarded two $10,000 Hero Scholarships to high school seniors for their college careers. Arkansas High graduates Keonnie Strickland and Rashad Thrower were the first recipients of the Hero Scholarship. Recipients of the Hero Scholarships are also awarded internships at Total Medical. Interns are given the opportunity to work in a progressive and friendly environment and are trained in various aspects of the business.

Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones spent his early years in Texarkana but has gone on to give life and personality to some of the most well-loved characters in sports. Currently, he is the community relations director for Indy Eleven Soccer and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been the mascot for teams across the nation and has performed internationally. Jonathan is also a photographer.

The Kings of Liberty-Eylau

Photo by Kate Silva with k8photography
Acommunity, by its very definition, is a group of people living in the same place with common goals, interests, and attitudes. Growing up in Liberty-Eylau, Kendrick and Kayla King found a strong, supportive community of people who gave them the opportunities to succeed. The solid community Kendrick and Kayla experienced growing up inspired them to pour their hearts out to the current generation of children growing up in Liberty-Eylau. “We love that Liberty-Eylau is not just a school district,” the Kings shared. “We are a family and a community.

Through the Eye of a Tiger

Photo by Abby Elliott
Friday night lights. Fans scream. The band plays. The student section goes wild. Texas High just scored another touchdown, and it was all captured through the lens of a Tiger photographer and the words of a Tiger writer. … The Texas High publications program begins its work on Friday nights long before kickoff. During the summer, preparation and planning commence for fall sports coverage. … “Each summer, the staff plans out coverage for all fall sports,” adviser Clint Smith said.

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