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Friday Night Lights

photo by Matt Cornelius
The air buzzes with excitement as crowds gather beneath the Friday night lights, eager to cheer for their school. No matter the differences that may exist between the students of Texarkana’s high schools, Friday night football games serve as a unifying force. … Despite high school football existing as early as 1870, and the founding of Texarkana occurring a mere three years later, high school football didn’t take root in the twin cities until the early 1900s.

Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
If you knew how long I put off writing this article each month, a project that only takes me 30-ish minutes, then you might fully understand the extent of my ADHD. You would see my panic at just the idea of having to sit still long enough to organize my thoughts. That is exactly why well over half of my stories are written while I am taking a bath.

Pin High

photos by Matt Cornelius
Junior golf has gained significant popularity in the United States, captivating young golfers and providing them with a competitive platform. It serves as a nurturing ground for budding talents to hone their skills, compete at various levels, and even secure scholarships for college. Over the years, participation in junior golf has witnessed a remarkable surge.

Good Evening TXK

photos by Matt Cornelius
“My teeth are just a little jagged. It’s not going to be a huge problem!” That’s what I told my coworker, Candice, as we sat waiting to hear from the orthodontist at our joint consultation for braces way back in 2022. Doing mundane things like this is way more fun if you have a buddy to do it with, and Candice is so much fun. There is no one else I would rather have been laughing nervously with that day while laying in that frigid orthodontist office than her. … The saying is true—we DO make our plans while God sits back slapping His knee laughing!

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