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Wearing Red on the Green

Freshman, Thomas Curry, playing for the 2023-2024 University of Arkansas Golf Team. photo courtesy of University of Arkansas Athletic Department
Thomas Curry closed his eyes on the first tee box to say a prayer before his first shot, just like he always had. When he opened his eyes, things were blurry. What suddenly came into focus was the hog on his chest; that was different. He looked around. He saw the trees, the fairway, and his parents watching from a distance. He took a breath. He grabbed his driver. It was go time. … Thomas Curry, son of Caroline and Dr. Andrew (Andy) Curry, is Texarkana’s golf protégé turned Arkansas Razorback after a decorated career at Texas High School.

Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
As I sat down to write my final article of 2023, deep in thought about what I wanted to say, I realized I could take the typical route. I could share the highs and lows of the year, all the lessons learned, or even complain about how another year has passed and I’m still not famous. I know, heartbreaking stuff. … In this thing we call life, it’s way too easy to get consumed by our own daily dramas. We find ourselves submerged in a culture that has made an absolute sport out of self-absorption. We numb and distract ourselves from life’s monotony and hardships with our plethora of vices.

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