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Arkansas High School 2024 Senior Perspective

Reflecting on my past four years at Arkansas High School, I realize how much the students and faculty have shaped my life. Attending a big 5A rivalry school like ours was always exciting, especially with the town's anticipation for the Arkansas vs. Texas games. But when I started high school, COVID-19 was still affecting everything, and things hadn’t returned to normal. On the first day of freshman year, I woke up not knowing what to expect.

Stepping Through Time

On April 29, 1920, Olivia Smith married Henry Moore, Jr. at St. James Episcopal Church, located directly behind the Ace of Clubs house. Following their wedding, Olivia moved into the Ace of Clubs house with her new husband. The Moore family would go on to own and live in the home for ninety-one years. Olivia herself resided in the house for sixty-five years, longer than any other occupant.

Maud High School Class of 2024 Top Ten

Micah Bishop … … Micah Bishop is the valedictorian of Maud High School's class of 2024. He is the son of Sharie and Josh Bishop. Micah is a high honor graduate in the top 10% of his class, a Texas Scholar, and a member of the ACT’s Silver Award Club. He actively participated in the Maud chapter of the National Honor Society and the Maud Student Council. As a valued member of the Maud Athletic Program, he competed in football, basketball, baseball, golf, and track throughout his high school career.

Maud High School 2024 Senior Perspective

I am not a die-hard country music fan, but I do not mind it. In 2007, Carrie Underwood wrote a song called "So Small." In this song, it talks about how sometimes something that feels huge is actually so small in the grand scheme of things. High school is just that. Not only did I come from a small 2A school, but the four years I spent there flew by, and now, looking back, it is a small chapter in the vast life in front of me. I was involved in many extracurricular activities while taking dual credit courses.

TASD Class of 2024 Top Ten

Valedictorian: Salome Rainauli-Driver … … Salome is the daughter of Nino and Donovan Driver. She was a member of the Collegiate Academy, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Associate of Arts degree, and was a member of the National Honor Society. She will attend Texas A & M University - Texarkana Honors College in the fall to major in Biology. She was awarded the President's Scholarship from TAMUT. … Salutatorian: Chrinasia Solomon … … Chrinasia is the daughter of Tranada and Christopher Solomon.

PGISD 2024 Senior Perspective

Like all the seniors this year, I started my high school career at Pleasant Grove during the pandemic. Making friends in masks and walking in one direction throughout the entire school while social distancing was tough. And I had other trials, too. Family members who passed and friends who came and went. But when I think back on my time, there are some special moments that stand out. … I thought about the perfect prank, one that was innocent enough but would make the perfect amount of raucous and fun. The summer before my senior year, I met with my favorite counselor to lay plans.

Unveiling the Spark: Caden Hall’s Welding Journey

Caden Hall embarked on his journey to become a welder two years ago, during his junior year at Arkansas High School. His decision to enroll in the welding program at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Secondary Career and Technical Education Center was a turning point in his career journey. Hall earned a Technical Certificate in Welding before graduating high school, making him workforce-ready upon graduation in 2024. … Reflecting on his experience, Hall shared, “The UAHT Career Center offers an exceptional welding program for students interested in mastering the trade.

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