Talk Tuesday

Burgers, Pizza, and Beer!

Countdown to Bubba's 33 Grand Opening … Texarkana is abuzz with excitement as Bubba's 33 prepares to open its doors on June 10th. This new addition to the community promises not only delicious food but also a lively, family-friendly atmosphere. The grand opening marks a significant milestone, not just for the restaurant but for the team of dedicated individuals bringing it to life. This Bubba’s is the 49th location country-wide. … At the heart of Bubba's 33 in Texarkana is Managing Partner Cody Hildebrand. Cody's journey to this role is a story of passion and dedication.

ROCK of Ages!

DC Talk. Audio Adrenaline. Jars of Clay. Those are the bands that inspired a local group of Texarkana musicians to form a Christian Rock cover band! Jars of Adrenaline Talk is gearing up for their first performance, and it is sure to be a show-stopping performance of the songs many of us grew up listening to. … "[Honestly] I'm just excited to see the turnout and the response to the songs we bust out. I'm humbled and grateful to be able to be a part of it all.

The Sensational Seven

From the outside looking in, one might be apt to give a good 'ole southern "bless their hearts" to the All Abilities basketball team of Texarkana, Arkansas. After all, the team consists of seven young men who have been labeled cognitively and physically impaired for their entire lives. Although the inconspicuous group lives under the watch care of local organizations like Opportunities and Haven Home, they are remarkably independent. They have their own housing, go to their jobs daily, and make all their own decisions with the help of life coaches.

Sparks of Success

My dream career is to become an underwater welder. Learning to weld on land was the first step toward that goal. The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Secondary Career Center offers free welding courses for high school students, so once I heard of this golden opportunity, I immediately signed up. … At first, I was intimidated because I was the only girl in the class, and most of the guys were in their second year of the program. I was amazed, however, to find out that they didn't mind that I was working alongside them and were completely okay with answering any questions I had.

Texarkana Sings Happy Birthday to Pat Green

Not only was it country music star Pat Green’s birthday when he performed at Texarkana’s Solarbration on April 5, 2024, but it was also the perfect day to perform his single titled “April 5th.” … Green is most recognized for his hit song “Wave on Wave,” which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2004 for Best Country Song. He also received the Texas Regional Radio Humanitarian Award for assisting people in need through his non-profit, the Pat Green Foundation.

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