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Toni Crowder

photo courtesy of Toni Crowder
Toni Crowder, designer for some of Atlanta’s top musicians, athletes, and CEO’s was born and raised in Texarkana, Texas. … Her love of design ignited while touring the world with her high school sweetheart and musician-husband, David Crowder.

TXK Roots @Home Toni Crowder

photos by  Jonathan Hillyer

Texarkana native, designer Toni Crowder, created her dream home in Atlanta, Georgia, with husband singer-songwriter David Crowder. The couple was featured in People magazine for transforming a home previously known as “one of Atlanta’s ugliest” into a true work of art. Read Toni’s “TXKRoots” answers here.

Ranch-Style Rebirth

photos by Matt Cornelius
Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Lakeridge subdivision is Mason White’s 1978 ranch-style home. When you think about 1970s architecture, it is possible you imagine drab colors or maybe even the heaviness of multiple shades of brown. You probably envision a look with low horizontal lines and an overall mundane style. In reality, much of the influence of 70s architecture was a back-to-nature trend that catapulted from the hippie movement, the 1973 oil crisis, and other world events.

A REALTOR® Goes Home

photo by Tyrone Dodson with Dodson & Glover Photography
As soon as you enter Monica Kelley’s home, you can feel the intentional design and curated sense of belonging she has created. With a desire to be continuously evolving, she has set herself apart as a real estate professional with a keen eye for what makes a house a haven you want to come home to, day after day. … Throughout Kelley’s home are pieces that have inspired her and reflect her vibrant personality. “Design inspiration can come from various sources, such as nature, culture, history, and your personal experiences.

Child's Play

Children’s rooms, spaces, and places

Parents seek to provide their children with spaces that inspire creativity, nurture imaginations, and offer safe havens for play and rest. Designing kids’ rooms, nurseries, play areas, and reading spaces becomes an opportunity to let imaginations soar. Explore ideas to transform your spaces into magical wonderlands for boys and girls, making their childhood memories even more cherished.

Good Evening TXK September 2023

photo by Matt Cornelius
A home away from home is a location where one does not reside but feels as comfortable as they would in their own abode. When you think of your home away from home, maybe you think of your grandparent’s house. Maybe you think of a rented vacation home on the beach, a timeshare, or a cabin near a lake. … My home is a safe place. It’s where I know without a shadow of a doubt I can completely be myself without regard for what others will think, knowing I will be unconditionally loved by those around me, no matter what I do. So, my home away from home would have to match that same feeling.

2023 Realtor Spotlight

Selling a home by owner is tempting with websites such as Zillow to help with information acquisition. Some do not realize, however, how much time and money a Realtor® can actually save a homeowner. Bringing their knowledge of the housing market and experience to the table provides a potentially cost-saving experience to buyers and sellers.

A Sarine Thought… or Two

photo by Matt Cornelius
Making a House a Home … When you were growing up, was there a house where you and your friends always went to hang out, and no matter the day or time, you were always welcomed with open arms? There always seemed to be snacks or a meal at the ready, and you always knew your place at the table would be set. … Maybe you were blessed enough for your house to be the home where all your friends wanted to congregate after a ball game or school dance.

The Monthly Mix

Smells Like Home … There is no better feeling after a long day than walking into a fantastic smelling home. Add children and pets into the mix, and this is sometimes difficult to achieve. They both tend to track in outside dirt and have odors that aren’t always pleasant. There are so many great ways to keep your home smelling incredible. Here are a few products sold locally that can help you achieve your goal! … Throughout the Home … These reed diffusers are perfect for spaces large or small! They diffuse fragrance through the reed tips for up to three months.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Matt Cornelius
In a world where finding matching socks is a daily adventure, we present to you an issue as cozy as your favorite pair. We are diving into the topic that tugs at our heartstrings and Wi-Fi signals—yes, you guessed it, the fabulous realm we call home! … Home is like that warm, fuzzy sweater you never want to take off, or that secret stash of chocolate you hope no one else discovers. Our homes are like divine blessings wrapped in paint (or wallpaper, if you are feeling adventurous). … Who needs a therapist when you have a couch that listens. Am I right?

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