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photos by Matt Cornelius
Athleisure … Athleisure has taken over, and we are here for it! The athleisure trend has gained immense popularity for its comfort and the ability to transition from the gym to social settings, reflecting a more active and health-conscious lifestyle in contemporary fashion.

TXK 411

Immunity Boosters … A healthy immune system is essential for defending the body against infections and illnesses. While managing stress, regular exercise, quality sleep, and staying hydrated are natural immune boosters, your body also needs a balanced diet with specific vitamins and minerals. To feel your best in 2024, make sure you are getting a healthy supply of the following vitamins and minerals. … VITAMIN C is the most effective nutrient the human body can absorb. It protects against immune system insufficiencies and cardiovascular disease. … Sources:

Publisher's Letter

My personal journey with weight loss seems like a revolving door. I may be able to enter the door to health and wellness with enthusiasm, but I end up exiting with a bag of chips! Being the “right” size has never come naturally. As a matter of fact, I seem to be able to pack on the pounds without much effort. Society standards tell us we should be one thing, but seemingly our body achieves something entirely different and yo-yo dieting becomes the norm. … I have been drawn to all the fads.

TXK 411

Bow-tie-ful, How to Tie the Perfect BowSTEP ONE … Drape the ribbon on the front of the box down the middle, ensuring that one end of the ribbon is slightly shorter than the other. … STEP TWO … While keeping your thumb on the ribbon, wrap the long side completely around the box bringing it to the front side of the box. … STEP THREE … Cross the two pieces in the front of the box. … STEP FOUR … While holding the short end tight, bring the long end across the center of the box. … STEP FIVE … Tuck the long end under the crossed ribbon and create a bunny ear.

The Spirit of Christmas

At the tip top of a very special Christmas tree at Jennifer and Darby Doan’s sits a splendid little star. It was handcrafted by their oldest daughter during her time as a student at St. James Day School. The toilet paper core, painted green and crowned with a sparkly paper star, holds a special role as the official tree topper. Though they set up several trees each year, this one holds all the ornaments that their daughters, Katherine Anne and Johanna Claire, have made or collected over the years, and in the center, they tuck in a collection of Beanie Babies from when their girls were small.

Wearing Red on the Green

Freshman, Thomas Curry, playing for the 2023-2024 University of Arkansas Golf Team. photo courtesy of University of Arkansas Athletic Department
Thomas Curry closed his eyes on the first tee box to say a prayer before his first shot, just like he always had. When he opened his eyes, things were blurry. What suddenly came into focus was the hog on his chest; that was different. He looked around. He saw the trees, the fairway, and his parents watching from a distance. He took a breath. He grabbed his driver. It was go time. … Thomas Curry, son of Caroline and Dr. Andrew (Andy) Curry, is Texarkana’s golf protégé turned Arkansas Razorback after a decorated career at Texas High School.

Will Middlebrooks

photo courtesy of Will Middlebrooks
Will Middlebrooks is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) player who is now a broadcaster and analyst for the Boston Red Sox on NESN and a national MLB analyst for CBS Sports. Born September 9, 1988, in Greenville, Texas, Will and his family moved to Texarkana in 1999. At Liberty-Eylau, Will was a part of both the baseball and football state championship teams in 2006. He married Jenny Dell Middlebrooks in 2016. Jenny is the lead college football reporter for the SEC on CBS.

My Drift

photo by Matt Cornelius
“GiGi, don’t you have this one?” … My seven-year-old granddaughter was indicating an image in a special Barbie edition of Life Magazine I had bought for her. Okay, maybe I really bought it for myself, but I let her look at it whenever she wants to. … I explained to Bryce that “this one” was actually “the one” that started the whole thing. With her blonde ponytail and her black and white strapless swimsuit, she was the original Barbie doll. I also explained that, while the one in my collection looks just like her, she’s really a 50th Anniversary special edition and not the original.

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