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TXK 411

photos by Matt Cornelius
Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream … President Bill Clinton’s Recipe … Made in Ice Cream Freezer … Recipe courtesy of Special Events, circa the 1990s … … INGREDIENTS … • 3 cans Eagle Brand milk … • 1 large marshmallow cream … • 1 small marshmallow cream … • 2 tablespoons vanilla … • ½ gallon whole milk … • 1 box of rock salt … Mix the first five ingredients in a large bowl, then pour into ice cream freezer. Leave approximately two inches from the top of the the freezer. Follow instructions on freezer. Should take approximately one hour to freeze. Layer two to three inches of ice.

The Monthly Mix

Summer Activities for Kids … Summertime weather is heating up! Kids (and parents) are getting restless. When does school start again? It’s definitely time for some activities to keep the kiddos occupied as we go into the final month of the summer season. There are many different places for your kids to have fun in the Texarkana area, and I’m sharing a few of my personal favorites! … Buff City Soap … Looking for some “clean” fun? Your child can decorate and paint a mini bath bomb for free. These bath bombs not only smell great but are made of safe ingredients for the skin.

MyGOV TXK Initiative

photo by Matt Cornelius
The city of Texarkana, Texas, launches new MyGOV TXK Initiative to empower residents and promote civic engagement … Have you ever encountered an issue in your neighborhood, like a malfunctioning streetlight, an obstructed stop sign, or an unkempt property, and wondered how to report it? The City of Texarkana, Texas, has heard your concerns and is committed to improving the way residents communicate such problems. Introducing MyGOV TXK—a groundbreaking tool, designed to simplify the reporting process and keep you informed about the actions taken.

Publisher's Letter

Lordy Lordy, look who’s 40! That’s right, it’s me! I cannot believe I am officially a quadragenarian, which is apparently what they call those of us between the ages of 40 and 49. I guess I’m in the beginning stages of adulthood now, where metabolisms slow down, hair turns gray (or disappears entirely), and I’ll soon start using phrases like “back in my day.” Ah, the joys of becoming “wiser.” … Reaching 40 feels like crossing a bridge from youthful exuberance to moments of “Where did I put my reading glasses?” Suddenly, I notice mysterious aches and pains that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

From Pigskins to Beefmasters

photo by Matt Cornelius
Cobi Hamilton’s farm in Nash, Texas, is like driving up on a tiny slice of East Texas heaven. Observing the beauty of the wildflowers and the magnificence of the cattle is a mesmerizing experience. It is easy to see why, in a busy and complicated world, this is Hamilton’s oasis.

Justin White

photo courtesy of Justin White
Justin White was born in Danbury, CT to his loving parents, Melodie and Mark White. The Whites moved to Texarkana early in Justin’s life, and Justin attended Wake Village Elementary, Texas Middle School, and graduated from Texas High School in 2013. After high school, White went to Stephen F. Austin University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking. Upon graduation, White moved to Dallas, Texas, where he began his career in the film/television industry. White began working on commercials and concerts. In 2019, White worked on his first feature film Miss Juneteenth.

Make it Rein

photo by Matt Cornelius
Throughout history, cowboys have tended cattle beginning at sunrise and ended the day covered in dust from head to toe. The horses, though exhausted from the long day, would have gladly continued to ride the range. After a dinner around the campfire, cowboys and ranch hands longed for a hobby more entertaining than the monotony of the workday. … Putting their horsemanship to good use, these fun-loving cowboys invented their own kind of entertainment. They took the normal daily maneuvers of their horses and turned them into healthy competition.

Goldcrest Farms

photos by Valmont
Not Your Everyday Farm In Miller County … Farming is a second language to some and a foreign affair to many. Whether familiar or foreign to local Texarkana residents, it might surprise many that one of the largest farms in the United States sits in our backyard. Located along the riverbanks of the Red River and Highway 82, just 28 miles from Texarkana, Arkansas, and Interstate 30, Goldcrest Farms covers 25,000 acres of Southwest Arkansas.

The Butterfly Effect

photos by Matt Cornelius
With summer quickly approaching and spring weather turning sunny and warm, parents are looking for fun and educational places to take their kids, and people are looking for inventive ways to spruce up their yards. The Little Country Greenhouse in New Boston, Texas, answers both inquiries perfectly.

Farm to Fork

photos by Matt Cornelius
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This has always been my favorite Maya Angelou quote, and it is the reason I create experiences for most meals I cook. You might be thinking, “I do not have the time to cook fabulous dishes with amazing experiences.” I would tell you that you do. As an entrepreneur, mom, and wife, I have learned to create delicious meals in no time.

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